Date Days – Mini Golf

I love a good date day and thanks to the fact both Ashley and I have had quite a bit going on, we’ve been having a few more than usual. It’s always good to make time to just be together, even if you live together (well, especially if you live together) and it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing. Of course, we tend to go for food more than anything, but we’re venturing out a bit more and trying a few different things! So that’s where the mini golf comes in –  last month we had a Paradise Island Adventure Golf open in Derby and I was offered a free game, it seemed like a perfect little date idea, so off we went!

The new one in Derby is actually the sixth location as they already have them in Manchester, Sheffield, Cheshire, Glasgow and Livingston – so if you’re anywhere nearby, go and give it a try! They’ve got two 18-hole courses to choose from called Mermaid Rock and Shark Bay, both with their own little adventures in them. We chose the Mermaid Rock course, which lead through the Monkey Temple which was full of vines and trees with monkey and jungle noises playing in the background (always a nice touch). 

When you get about half was around there is the mystical bazaar spice market which has a bit of a Moroccan feel to it (not that I’ve even been but you know). This has a couple of stalls, some gorgeous lanterns that lit the area up nicely and a snake charmer statue on top of one of the stalls. It was a completely different feel to the monkey temple, so much so that it felt like a different course altogether!

We were there for a good hour or so and despite his act on the way there of “I hope you’re ready to get beaten”, I won! It’s not very often I actually beat him at anything so it was a nice little bonus on top of a great date. We’ll definitely be going back again soon and we’ll have a look at what Shark Bay has to offer!

I’m thinking of creating a new series on ‘Date Days’ with a few ideas on whatever we get up to, what do you think?


ABH x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

It’s been a while since I last wrote a beauty post but when I decided I wanted to write one it didn’t really take much time to decide on what I wanted to write about! About a month ago now I finally got my hand on the ABH x Nicole Guerriero glow kit and I hadn’t been this excited since I got my first Kylie Lip Kit! Continue reading “ABH x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit”

I got Botox!

I know I’ve been really inactive lately and up until this year I had no actual excuse (I’d just been laying around the house) but lately I’ve been trying to sort my life out because quite frankly, it’s been a hot mess. One thing I’ve finally gotten around to sorting out lately is my sweating – through botox-  and I thought I’d dive into the topic a little bit, because I know it’s not something that’s talked about very openly and it could help some people out. Be prepared for a long post…

What is Hyperhydrosis?
So if you haven’t read this post then you might not have any idea what hyperhydrosis actually is – in a nutshell, it’s excessive sweating. You sweat 4/5 times the normal amount and it can affect mainly your armpits, hand or feet, so it’s not too pleasant. Personally, it only has a major affect on my armpits and I’ve had it since I was around 12 years old. Of course at first it was put down to hormones, because yeah you do sweat more when you hit puberty, but this definitely isn’t the same thing. I can wear all the deodorant in the world (I think 13 applications in 1 day is my record) and you can wear as much breathable fabric as you want, but the issue is still there. You don’t have to be warm, working up a sweat or even moving, you just sweat – all the time. A good example of this actually is that when I get out of the shower, before I’ve even left the bathroom (and I don’t hang around in there) I’m sweating – annoying huh?

What can be done?
I didn’t go to the doctor about it until I was 15 and even then they diagnosed me with hyyperhydrosis but didn’t really do much. They prescribed me an itchy, flaky roll-on that contains aluminium so it stinged like hell. You couldn’t apply it to broken skin either so it was a choice between shaving my pits or applying an uncomfortable deodrant (come on). I kind of gave up on the doctors after that because they just didn’t seem to see it as a real issue – one that affects your confidence and day to day life, so I just decided to try every deodorant I could get my hands on and see what worked but a pattern started to develop. Each time I found an effective deodorant I’d be fresh as a daisy for a week or so, then my pituitary glands would give it a big fat nope and I was back to square one. I didn’t go back until October of last year and the doctor that saw me couldn’t have been better. He asked why I was there, saw how long I’d had it (it was on my record from the last time) and referred me to a dermatologist there and then!

What did the dermatologists do?
To be fair, it was a pretty long wait to get into the dermatologist (I didn’t get an appointment until January this year) but it was well worth it. I went for an initial consultation and that was a pretty big waste of time because he didn’t tell me anything, but within 2 weeks I was back at the hospital receiving botox! You have to have a starch test before hand to check that you’re affected enough to have it done (mine showed up instantly and everywhere) and that will help determine how many injections you’ll have too. The botox is paralyses the sweat glands which stops you sweating and yes, it’s completely safe, otherwise they wouldn’t do it!

9sorry for the gross armpit shot – I couldn’t shave for 48 hours beforehand)

Altogether I had 30 injections (15 in each armpit – each dot in the photo is where the needle went) and it all took about 20 minutes with the starch test included. Yes, it did hurt, but it’s completely worth it. I’ve been told that sometimes it doesn’t fully work the first time you have it done and I definitely get that, I didn’t go in with high hopes so just a little bit of sweat when I get warm definitely doesn’t bother me. It’s nothing in comparison to how I was and it’s great being able to wear whatever I want now! I’ve got an open appointment now to go back when I feel like it’s back to how it was before (it has to be at least 4 months) and then they’ll do the starch test again and I’ll definitely give it another go! I did go through the NHS personally, but if you’re in a position to pay privately, it’s available in most places and well worth the money.

Lastly, if you suffer with hyperhydrosis, know that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone sweats, I know it affects your confidence, it did mine, but for the last couple of years I’ve accepted it. It’s part of who I am  and even if I want to change it, I’m not going to apologise for it and feel ashamed.

Why 2016 Will Be Hard to Beat

I’m seeing a lot of people online saying that they can’t wait for 2016 to be over and I totally get why. With all of these iconic celebrities dying and Trump beating Hillary to the White House, it’s been a pretty depressing year for most, but for me it’s been a pretty great year. I know I’ve fallen off the face of the earth slightly when it comes to maintaining my blog but I feel like it’s done me good. I was so determined to stick to a schedule and plan posts months in advance that I’d just end up beating myself up about it when I didn’t get it done. I’m taking my time in coming back and I’m just going to wait until the motivation hits again (so if you don’t see anything of me that why) but let’s get back to 2016 – It’s been quite the all-rounder! Continue reading “Why 2016 Will Be Hard to Beat”

The One Product to Banish Dry Patches

Well, it’s been a while eh! Ive not been posting too much lately but that’s a topic for another time (all be it not a very exciting one). But anyway, enough about me, let’s get to the main event. About a month ago now my skin decided it didn’t want to just be it’s usual oily mess anymore – it decided to throw some dry patches in there too! So now instead of finding ways to keep oil at bay, I’m having to keep my skin hydrated to banish those unsightly dry patches too – fun. Continue reading “The One Product to Banish Dry Patches”

Lottery Win Wishlist

A girl can dream eh? I’m fairly certain everyone would love a lottery win (if you don’t then feel free to send some money my way) but not everyone would know what to do with the money – me included. Of course I’d buy the generic stuff but I’ve never really sat down and thought about it. So, after a bit of a think, here we are! Continue reading “Lottery Win Wishlist”

Johnny Loves Rosie Halloween Wishlist

I’ve never really been one for Halloween – it’s only ever been a benchmark between my birthday and Christmas – but since I started getting into beauty a bit more I figured it’s the perfect opportunity to try out a few different looks! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going all out as characters or any variation of undead (although my mum is insisting otherwise), that’s not the kind of thing I’m into. It’s a good excuse to go for colours and tones in my makeup that I wouldn’t usually go for year-round, because Halloween is a good excuse to step outside of the box a little bit! That being said, you have to be pretty damn talented to only use makeup to dress up for Halloween, and that’s where Johnny Loves Rosie come in! Continue reading “Johnny Loves Rosie Halloween Wishlist”

Colourpop Haul

I’ve been eyeing up Colourpop for a while now – ever since finding out they’re meant to do pretty good dupes for the Kylie Lip Kits. So of course when I got an email for $5 shipping I was pretty tempted, then combine that with $5 off my first purchase and a product that I can give as a Christmas present, I had to place an order! Continue reading “Colourpop Haul”

Kyshadow Bronze Palette

We all know I’m a bit of a sucker for Kylie Cosmetics products (take my collection of Lip Kits for example) but I actually spent quite a bit of time debating on whether to get the Kyshadow Bronze palette or not, but who was I kidding? I finally went for it when Kylie did $5 international shipping because, well, how could I not? When it was first released, I wasn’t too bothered about it if I’m honest. It wasn’t really until I got my bhCosmetics palette a few weeks ago that I started getting into eyeshadows and with the Kyshadow palette having a few neutral colours in it, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go! Plus, I can count anything as a birthday present to myself if it’s in the same month, right?

Continue reading “Kyshadow Bronze Palette”

Lush Christmas Range

It’s not Christmas until Lush come out with their Christmas products, period. I usually wait to start getting Christmassy until after my birthday but that kind of went to pot this year and seeing as I don’t have to sort anything for my birthday, Christmas is my main focus! With Lush’s range coming out the same day that I was at the Intu fashion show, there was no way I wasn’t making a stop to fill my basket – and that I did. I wandered around for a while with a massive basket trying to fight through the crowds, just throwing stuff in (not literally) without checking the prices – I would never recommend this but I actually did pretty well in the end. I picked up 4 Christmas products in the end and they’re all different types so I picked a decent range. I’m definitely going back again on payday though because I made the mistake of looking on the website and finding a load more stuff that I need – so expect another part to this post in a couple of weeks! Continue reading “Lush Christmas Range”