February Thoughts

So, it’s February already and I am yet to add any kind of structure to my life. January has been pretty hectic for me with work, appointments, etcetera and I’ve not had the best start to February so far (illness is the bane of my life😒). I think it’s about time I pulled myself together and set some goals, so here goes!

1. Pass my driving test – After 1 failed attempt (DO NOT get me started😤) I’ve managed to blag a cancellation for mid month and I’m fully expecting to be driving my dinky Ford Ka around by the end of this month!

2. Avoid illness – I know this sounds completely ridiculous and implausible but hear me out! Vitamins! I am terrible with my fruit and veg so I need to get my balance somewhere and hopefully vitamins will boost my immune system a bit more.                                                                *I am currently lying on the sofa (my bed for the night) because I am so snotty and my cough is so horrendous that I have been banished.

3. Invest in my face – *I felt ridiculous writing that* but I need the buy some quality makeup and boost my confidence a bit. I’m also loving experimenting with the products I get in beauty boxes and I having been loving my Jelly Pong Pong Highlighter so much that I have had to buy my sister an e.l.f. highlighter so that someone else can share my appreciation! I’m very excited to have switched over to Glossybox starting this month – just in time for Valentine’s!

4. Blog more! – My posts are very erratic at the moment with no routine and a lack of ideas. I really want to fix this so I need to sit down and come up with a few ideas and get into a habit of writing frequently – even if it’s just fortnightly. I know nobody really reads this blog anyway, but I don’t really have much of a creative side and I do think this is helping me quite a bit, so I’ll keep going even if I’m still here all alone in a years time!

Valentine’s card from Bread&Jam



Anyways, I’ll get going. See ya later!

Imogen xx


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