Love is in the Air – February Glossybox

YAY!!!! So I’ve resubscribed to Glossybox after cancelling my Birchbox and I 1000% made the right decision!πŸ‘πŸ» I have never doubted the quality of Glossybox, I just felt slightly guilty about leaving Birchbox as I was convinced I’d eventually get something worth my money. I have, however, seen the Birchbox for this month and to be honest I would have probably demanded a refund, all of the brands are lesser-known and compared to Glossybox the sample size is tiny.

You may also like to know that I did receive this box at the beginning of the month, but I realised I’m probably better off trying the products first and reviewing their quality instead of just using my pre-conceived opinions on the brands and judging products by their scent 😁. So without further ado, here is my Valentine’s edition of Glossybox!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Floral Slanted Tweezers


Floral Slanted Tweezers

As pretty as these are, they aren’t my favourite product in the world. I did actually receive these when I first subscribed a couple of years ago and I don’t still use them. I find that they’re not great at gripping hairs and they seems to be quite blunt, meaning the Β£8 retail price is not justified to me but on the other hand I have a teenage sister that I’m sure would appreciate these – major brownie points! πŸ˜„

Wilkinson Sword – HydroSilk Razor

HydroSilk Razor

I’m usually quite a stickler when it comes to hair removal and its many forms but I must admit I really like this! I have very sensitive skin and this is very smooth and it doesn’t seem to irritate me ☺️. Another major perk is the holder that it comes with! It has a suction cup so you can stick it onto the wall or side (but make sure you wet the suction cup first, I made the mistake of letting the razor fall on me whilst in the bathπŸ˜‚). I would never have bought this myself as the Β£10 price tag would put me off, but I’m so glad I received this because I will more than likely be buying this again!

Nicka K New York – 24H Waterproof Eyeliner

24H Waterproof Eyeliner

Now, this is the one product I haven’t tried as I just don’t like brown eye makeup in general. This does come with a smudger on the end though, which to me makes it slightly more impressive. This is definitely another product to earn me some more sister brownie points 😁.

MUA – Power Pout Glaze in Allure

Power Pout Glaze in ‘Allure’


Ok so I’m not a pink lip person, but this shade has a slight purple tint to it too. I must say though, I do quite like this. It definitely isn’t something I would buy for myself but in definitely glad I received this. It took me a while to figure out how to work it (you have to twist the silver part to get the gloss) but it glides over your lips easily when you’ve got the hang of it! The only downside I would say is that it can get a little bit sticky after about 15 minutes – so best to blot it after you’ve applied! ☺️

Naobay – Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner


Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner


OH MY GOD. I am still so excited about this! Naobay is a natural and organic brand which is not always something I base my purchases on but it’s always a plus! Now, this is both a hair mask and conditioner that is meant to add volume to your hair after leaving it on for just 3 minutes and… IT WORKS! This is by far the most amazing thing I have ever used on my hair and I can’t see living without it now. I have genuinely been walking around getting people to feel how soft my hair is and its noticably shinier too! Every time I use it I seem to make more effort with my appearance too, because what’s the point in amazingly soft hair if you don’t do anything with it?! I cannot praise this product enough and although it is Β£10 a bottle I am without a doubt going to be buying this again. πŸ‘πŸ»

I hope you’ve enjoyed my opinions and feel free to leave your own in the comments!

Imogen x


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