Kylie Lip Kit

It’s here!!!! I finally got my hands on a lip kit after many missed opportunities (being poor is my main excuse) and I’m ecstatic! When they first came out I wasn’t too fussed about them and it was only really Candy K that caught my eye, but when Posie K was released I became determined to buy it – and here she is! (Yes, she). I’ve heard a lot of amazing reviews and a few of bad reviews, so let’s see if I love it as much as I want to😍.

So, first of all, the packaging is you may have seen online so there isn’t much I can say about it. However, one thing I noticed is that the colour of the actual lipstick seems to be more similar to the colour on the outer packaging (below) than the colour it seems in the bottle, so good to bare in mind when I get my next one!🤔

The colour is a bit darker than I thought it would be but maybe that’s just because of my skin tone! (The sun reflects off of me😒). Either way, I wasn’t expecting Posie K to be an everyday work-suitable colour (unless you like the dress up a bit for work) and I’m fine with reserving it for evenings out and occasions 😊.

Not only does the lip kit smell amazing(!), it applies so easily because of the creamy lip liner and the doe foot applicator. Just be careful to not put too much pressure on the liner and snap the tip! I haven’t done this but I know a few people have. The applicator means the liquid glides across your lips evenly and smoothly! It does take a couple of minutes for the liquid to set and turn matte and once it does you’ll have a bit of a task getting it off😁.

When I received my lip kit I put it on to test it out for a couple of hours and I am so impressed! I ate, drank and even fell asleep wearing it, with no transfers or smudges! It was just as perfect as when I first applied it and I had to give it a good scrub to get it off! Although I know some people have said the lipstick can be quite drying, I really don’t believe that is the case. Maybe it’s because I have dry lips usually so I didn’t notice(?) but my lips didn’t chap once for the 4 hours I was wearing it ☺️.

Overall, I am really impressed with my Kylie Lip Kit and I would definitely recommend it to anybody so I will definitely be buying Candy K next payday!

Do you have a lip kit? And what was your opinion on it?

Imogen x


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