Hair care routine

Right guys, I’m back on it (I hope)! Sorry about the lengthy break I’ve been on, April really wasn’t my month😒. BUT, this post seems like a good way to get into a writing routine, so without further ado, this is my haircare routine in the order I use everything😊.

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Shampoo

Of course my routine starts with shampoo, majority of people’s do so nothing new here. I’ve been using this product for a couple of months now and it pretty much does what it says on the tin☺️. What drew me to it was that it has 0% silicone and colourant, something I’ve been looking for for a while! I’d been reading online and found that majority of high street brands contain silicone and colourants which really isn’t great for your hair – feel free to read more about it here – but a lot of high end products don’t so I was willing to fork out around £20 on a product when I found this! I managed to get this on offer for around £3 in Sainsburys, so quite a difference! I’m sure it can be found in most places and it comes in either Shine or Volume – I went for Volume (something my hair seriously lacks🙄) which has a fresh grapefruit and mint scent 😊. Switching to silicone free made my hair feel horrible for the first week or so, but it helps in the long run so I definitely recommend it!

PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver brightening Shampoo

Now, this isn’t a consistent part of my routine but I do find that it works so why not include it?! After going blonde in March I was worried about my hair going brassy like the last time and my hairdresser recommended this😊. It’s recommended that you use it twice a week as a maximum but I only use it once to be safe as it can really dry your hair out. I’ve found that it makes your hair slightly more ashy after use so it definitely works!😁 I found this in Boots and it only cost around £4 but with only using it once a week, I’m finding that I’ve barely used any of it so far so it may last me a while!

(Side note: If you live in/around Derby I definitely recommend Ben at Stacey Dexter Hairdressing, he has worked miracles on my hair and is an angel sent from heaven💁🏼)

Naobay Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner

This is quite possibly the best hair product I own. I first received this in my February Glossybox and I’ve been using it ever since! At around £13 when purchased on their website, it’s a bit pricey but if you’re lucky you can find it a bit cheaper on eBay😁. This needs to be left on for about 5 minutes as it is also a hair mask, and I tend to run a comb through my hair whilst waiting so my hair is a lot easier to brush afterwards😊. I find that a bottle of this lasts me about a month, but I tend to over-use products and ignore the ‘pea-sized amount instructions! If you have decide to try anything from this post, I definitely think it should be this😁.

John Freida Frizz-Ease Serum

Ok so, this definitely isn’t a stand-out step in my routine but I can definitely tell when I’ve forgotten to use it. I bought this a couple of months ago in hopes that it would take my frizz-ball hair(😒) and it works to an extent. I use this as I step out of the bath/shower whilst my hair is still wet which is great because it means I’m not piling more than one product on at once! I managed to get this on sale for around £3 in sainsburys (I spend a lot of my lunch breaks buying products) but I think it’s still only around £6 at RRP. You only need around 2 pumps per use, so it lasts a while too😊. I’ve found that it works great when I blow dry my hair but if I leave it to air dry I still have a bit of a birds nest going on, so it’s pretty useless if you’re not planning on blowdrying. In other words, if you’re one for religiously blow drying and you have frizzy hair, then this is worth a try.

Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 Blow Dry Gel

Speaking of blow-drys, this is my go-to. I honestly bought this a few years ago and forgot all about it, but when I resolved to make more of an effort with myself at the beginning of the year I dug it out of my beauty box and I’ve been using it ever since! For saying there’s been a total of about 6 months use there is so much left! Obviously it’s hard to tell from the packaging, but I’d say this is at least 3 quarters full! It smells sooo good and since I’ve had my hair cut I’ve not found any split ends because I’ve been using this as heat protection! You can find it for around £10-15 online and some salons will stock it too, it’s definitely worth the money😁.

I’d love to hear of any of your haircare routines and favourite haircare products, I’m always up for recommendations! 😊

Thanks for reading, Imogen x


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