Candy K – Kylie Lip Kit

Candy K has joined the party! I now have my second Kylie Lip Kit, after having to wait for payday, and she’s so pretty that I thought it deserves a quick post😍.


Ok so, with the last kit (Posie K – read about it here) I found that the colour was true to the packaging rather than photos I’ve seen on Instagram etc, but that’s not quite the case with Candy K😁. I expected this to be an everyday pink that would be casual enough for work, and that’s exactly what the colour on the packaging is, aswell as the colour as you see it in the bottle.

But, it seems to be a lot darker on me than I expected. Granted, I will still wear it for work, just maybe not as often as I thought😊. I think the main reason it looks darker on me is because of my alabaster skin😒. Saying this though, I now know my next kit will definitely be Koko K – there’s no way that will be dark on me (I hope!)

Either way, I still love Candy K and the quality is just as impressive as the first!

Do you have any lip kits? What do you think of them? I’d love to know!

Imogen x


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