Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as a primer?

Yes, you read that right! Men’s shave balm as a primer. For those of you that aren’t up to date, this is what people are claiming to be the best primer around for oily skin at a low price and it’s even used by Kylie Jenner, shown in a snapchat makeup tutorial, so naturally I had to pick some up and give it a go.

First of all, I need to stress that this does seem to work best for oily skin! There have been a couple of people that have tried it with normal/dry skin and it has dried their skin out after use so if you’re not oily and are still desperate to try it please bear that in mind!

I’ve been using this for about a month now as I wanted to give it a fair test and I really do believe it deserves all of the hype it’s gotten! I’ve found that, although a lot of people use it before they apply foundation, it does work with BB cream too (I haven’t switched back to foundation since last summer because I’m too fussy with foundation to even bother looking). My makeup lasts all day and even through a gym session!

I managed to get mine on sale for £3.50 at Sainsburys and the RRP does differ depending on the store (I’ve found that Tesco seems to be the cheapest!) but either way, it’s nowhere near the same price as most drugstore primers.

Plus, because you only need to use around a 5 pence amount of it (there’s way too much on my hand in the photo above), it will last a loooong time. Aside from the bottle, the only way you could tell that it’s a men’s product is by the smell. It does have a slight masculine smell to it, but once it’s on your face and you put on your own products it disappears! It may not work for everyone, but it definitely works for me!

Have you tried it this Post Shave Balm? If you have, let me know what you think, I know reviews have been quite mixed!

Imogen x


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