What’s in my bag? 

I felt like doing something a bit different today, so a quick ‘what’s in my bag?’ seemed fitting as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a bit. So, here goes 🙂

The bag:

This Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag in tan is my everyday bag at the minute (you can tell because it’s starting to lose its structure). I got this back around September but didn’t start using it regularly until around March when my trusty H&M started to look tatty and switching to this smaller bag has helped me de-clutter! It has 3 zipped compartments and a pocket on the front too – so it’s easy to organise my stuff!


So the contents are pretty basic, and a few things are quite predictable. First, I have my burgundy Aztec purse from Urban Outfitters which I actually broke a while ago, I just can’t find a nice enough one to replace it and I have a few snacks because, you know, a girls gotta eat! This is along with my keys, headphones for the gym and a compact deodorant (Dove go fresh – pomegranate & lemon in this case). I also have a pair of black Primark sunglasses and the most efficient toiletry bag you’ve ever seen! The little pink Bayloss & Harding bag came as a manicure set, but I’ve replaced that with a few necessities. Inside is a lip scrub, lip balm, lip colour, dental wax, dry shampoo, tweezers and a compact mirror/hairbrush! And yes it is a bit of a squeeze to fit it all in!

Anyway, that’s what’s in my bag, just a quick post but I hope you’ve enjoyed it anyway!

Imogen x


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