My Everyday Face

Everybody tends to use the same makeup daily right? Or is that just me?
I don’t tend to venture too far on my everyday look, because when I find something I like I tend to stick with it until I’m brave enough to try something new.

I was thinking though, maybe if I wrote my staples down, I’d be more likely to try new products? (I don’t know how that’s meant to work either, but let’s give it a shot).

As a primer, I use my Nivea Men Post Shave Balm, which I wrote about not too long ago (catch up here) so I’m not going to go into detail. Seeing as I had this very long, and it has so many pros to it, this isn’t something I’d even bother switching out. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken!

I only tend to use one concealer and that is my green MUA Correcting Cream.It’s only £2 and because it’s cream you can build the coverage up. I use this on any redness or breakout (so quite often) to help balance out my skin.

So technically I don’t use foundation, I use the Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream in light. I haven’t switched back to foundation since last summer and it’s purely because I’m too lazy and fussy to find a new one. On top of my BB cream I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder which creates a matte finish. At the minute I’m finding that throughout the day my face is going patchy and I can’t figure out if it’s the cream, powder or the combination of both. Either way, it’s not a great look, and I think a new foundation is definitely on the cards! The last foundation I had was Lush Cosmetics – Jackie Oates and it was amazing! I’m definitely going to be buying it again (you know, when I find the effort) because it has such great coverage, it’s a perfect match for my paler-than-pale skin and it actually smells of oats!
I am also wanting to find another foundation for the days when I don’t need that much coverage, but I still want to look fresh, suggestions would be massively appreciated!

At the minute I’m using the e.l.f. Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky, which I have written about here, and it’s very hit and miss. The pigmentation is difficult to work with and each day I switch between blushing beauty and party clown because when you’re half asleep in the morning with an awkward blush it’s hard to get the right balance! It’ll do for now, but I do want a bit of an upgrade!

Now this is the best part, for my brows I use the Benefit Brow zings kit and I’ve had my current one for over 2 years now!!! It come’s with a wax, powder, 2 mini brushes and some mini tweezers, so definitely worth the money! I got the shade light as the girl on the counter recommended it so I could build it up if I went darker, and I’m glad I did as I’ve gone blonde again and it matches my hair perfectly. I don’t tend to use the wax that much, just because it can alter the colour slightly, and I’ve found that my primer helps the powder stay on throughout the day anyway. I love this kit, and because it has lasted so long it works out so far at less than £1 a month, I don’t think I’ll ever use anything other than Brow zings!

I’ve never found the perfect mascara and at the minute I’m switching between two – Essence Get Big Lashes and Rimmel Super Curler. Both do completely different jobs so which I use depends on how I feel on the day. I find that the Essence one gives more volume and definition, and the Rimmel makes the lashes look longer (I tend to go for this one more when I’m wearing eyeliner). I guess they’re both good, but I really want to find one that I fall in love with!

I know this post has been a lot longer than usual (well, I think so) and probably quite boring, but I do think I’m a bit more open to trying some new products – any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Imogen x




5 thoughts on “My Everyday Face

  1. Have you found now that you’ve used the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm, your face has broken out? I’m scared to try it because I hear so many mixed reviews!

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