Lunchtime Purchases


Shopping in my lunch break is one of my favourite things, especially as I work near so many shops and over a short while I manage to accumulate quite a collection! In the last couple of weeks I’ve picked up a couple of things I’ve been dying the get my hands on, and a few bits and bobs that I couldn’t resist.

Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream in Iced Bronze

This is one of the products I’ve been dying to get after reading a couple of reviews, and I found it in my local Boots Pharmacy! I originally planned on getting the shade Frosty Pink, but when I searched them in store, Iced Bronze just stood out at me. Now I’ve not quite got the hang of strobing yet (I’m always behind on trends and techniques) but I’m loving it! The product glides across your skin and the colour is gorgeous! You can use a small sweep for a dewy effect or build it up for a more obvious strobing effect – either way it don’t need to use much product, so I think it will last a while!


Barry M Lip Oil in Berry Good



This was another product I was dying to try after seeing it on the Barry M website, and I am so disappointed. The lip oil promises to condition, nourish and hydrate your lips – it doesn’t do a single one of these things. When you apply to oil, it goes on like a lip gloss and although it is an oil, it’s a lot stickier than I believe it should be, so I have to put my hair up when using it to avoid getting hairs stuck to my lips. The website tells you that it gives you a tint and a fuller look, but as you can see from the swatch above, the tint is barely visible on my pale hand, so you definitely can’t see it on your lips. I usually use Vaseline as part of my nighttime routine, so that I wake up with soft lips and I thought this would be a good replacement – so wrong. I woke up with my lips even more chapped than when I put it on, and the smell is quite overpowering too. It contains raspberry & pomegranate oil, which is lovely, but it somehow tends to stick to your throat and it gave me a bit of a headache. I definitely won’t be buying this again, and it’ll probably just sit in a drawer because I don’t think it’s even worth giving away!

On a brighter note, the bits and bobs I picked up all turned out to be amazing! I got the Yankee Candle Car Jar in Pink Sands, this is my all-time favourite candle in air freshener form, so I had to get it, and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I’ve had it in my car for a couple of weeks now and it’s still going strong! After my powder brush fell apart last week, I picked up the Wilko Premium Powder Brush (I’m a cheapskate) and I can’t believe how soft it is! It was only £4 and I am in love with it! I’ve also been looking for some pore strips for a while, but I’ve not been willing to pay much for them, so when I found the Spotless Nose Pore Strips for 95p (!!!) I was over the moon. You can use them on your nose, chin and forehead and they really work!

Do you also have a habit of lunchtime shopping? If so, do you tend to spend a small fortune like I do? I hope I’m not the only one!

Imogen x


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