The Brooklyn Social – Derby

So after a lot of deliberating on Sunday, my boyfriend and I took a quick trip to The Brooklyn Social in Derby for lunch. It was a first for both of us, and we were quite impressed!

The place was a lot smaller and quieter than I initially expected, but it’s quite out of the way, especially with having a food court in the city center – so understandable. The whole place had an urban theme to it with metal chairs, posters and graffiti everywhere. There was even a photo booth in the corner which I probably would’ve used if I wasn’t so make-up less and tired!

Naturally, I ordered a burger – the Beaten Black & Blue Burger to be precise, a combination of 2 beef burgers, onion rings and blue cheese with the expected salad, in a brioche bun. My other half ordered the Chilli Cheese Hotdog and we had a bowl of skin-on fries to share (on the advice of the waitress). We were originally going to order a side of fries each (the sides aren’t included with the burgers/hot dogs) but we were so glad that we didn’t in the end. Most places tend to make it look like you have tons of fries but fold the grease paper instead so you have only a handful, but this was the complete opposite – soooooo many fries! So, even though I came to realise I’m not the biggest fan of blue cheese, the burger was great. I think the combination of all the ingredients was the reason I couldn’t finish it – although I did sneak in quite a few handfuls of the fries! I did manage to sneak a bite of the chilli cheese hotdog too and it was gorgeous! I think I’ll definitely be ordering that next time – it’s my aim to make my way through the menu eventually!

One thing I definitely wish I’d tried are the cocktails. Technically 1pm is a reasonable time for a drink (to me anyway), but it was a Sunday and I wasn’t quite in the mood for alcohol anyway. All of the cocktails had funky names such as ‘Dip Me Baby One More Time’, ‘Kevin And Peary Go Large’ and, of course, ‘Queen Bey’. Anywhere with a cocktail named after Beyonce definitely has my vote – I almost don’t care if I like the ingredients, I just want to order it for the sake of ordering it!

Overall, we had 2 mains, 1 (large) side and 2 soft drinks and it came to a total of £23.60 which I’d say is pretty reasonable! If there’s a Brooklyn Social near you, or if you’re ever in Derby I’d definitely recommend going!

Imogen x


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