Magazine Freebies

Happy Monday guys!

I’m starting to get back into my routine and I LOVE it! So on Saturday I was browsing around my local Tesco and stumbled upon the magazines, and I completely forgot how great the freebies can be! I made sure I had a good rummage through each magazine and peeked at every freebie to decide which one I wanted (I got a surprising amount of dirty looks though wtf) and I’m so chuffed with what I got!

There was a good range of makeup and skincare freebies to choose from, but in the end I went with 2 makeup ones. I picked up Glamour which came with a Model Co product and InStyle which came with an Eyeko product (both July editions so still available!).

With the Glamour mag I chose the Lip Lacquer which came in the shade ‘Morocco’ and it’s just the prettiest subtle pink with a slight nude to it. I’m definitely a matte-lip kinda girl but I can definitely see myself wearing this! It glides over your lips smoothly and it doesn’t have any shimmer in it – something I definitely try to avoid. It leaves me with a pretty slick of pink and it’s perfect for everyday wear! I got this magazine for £1, which I’m assuming is nationwide and the original retail price for the product is £15 and you can shop the range here (Morocco is currently out of stock but they’re all gorgeous!).

With the InStyle mag I picked the FAT Liquid Eyeliner ‘Big & Bold’ which is fab because I only noticed the night before that my Primark Felt Eyeliner was running out and I couldn’t really be bothered to go into town for a new one! I would never usually go for a chunky eyeliner pen, but thankfully this one does have a thin tip – so with a steady hand I’ll be able to achieve my usual look! The colour is a carbon black too, making it nice and bold.  I got this magazine at a ‘Tesco special’ price of £2.50, everywhere else it will be £3.99 and the retail price for the product is £12 (along with all the other Eyeko freebies available) and you can find it here.

Model Co Lip Lacquer – Morocco & Eyeko – Big & Bold FAT Liquid Eyeliner

I’m so pleased with what I got, and I would definitely recommend nipping down to your local shop to pick either of these up! Have you got an exciting freebies lately? Let me know, I’m always on the look out for cheaper makeup!

Imogen x


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