Mini-break Essentials

Dia dhuit from Dublin! – (thanks Google Translate). So last night I flew over from East Midlands to Dublin with my Mum and sister for a couple of occasions. Tonight I’m off to my second Chris Brown concert (yes, I did come all this way for a concert!) and we’re staying until Sunday morning because there just happens to be a family Christening on Saturday! So perfect time for a travel essentials post don’t you think?!

As I’m only here for 4 days, it wasn’t really worth paying £60 for checked luggage, so I’ve only got hand luggage and a small bag – which is fine, but it means I’m limited on my liquids! I’ve had to fit everything into one little bag (cue the violins) but I just about did it!

In the my pretty little clear, polka dot bag I have the following: shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, mascara, BB cream, eyeliner, sleep balm and my Kylie lip kit lipsticks! (I’ve had to put the toothpaste and shower gel in my sisters bag because they wouldn’t fit). See now that I’ve listed it all out, it seems a fair amount but for me this is bare essentials…

A few non-liquid essentials for me are things such as my phone charger, passport (of course!), hair brushes, hair dryer and the rest of my makeup. We’ve managed to work it well with each one of us having either a hair dryer, straighteners or curlers and the same with things such as deodorant and hair brushes (I use more than one).

Clothes are of course also an essential (or not, if you’re into that)! I have a lot of thin/floaty tops, which helps with the whole hand-luggage situation and I’ve got 2 pairs of trousers with me and of course outfits for tonight and Saturday! Shoe-wise, I’ve got a pair of sandals, a pair of converse and a pair of heeled boots so I’m sorted for every situation!

So those are my essentials (this went on a lot longer than I expected) and I definitely have more than enough to last me for this trip! Do you have any travel essentials that you can’t go away without?

Imogen x


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