First Impressions – NIVEA BB Cream

Happy Monday guys! So today I needed a quick post and I thought I’d do a first impression of one of this weekend’s impulse buys! I picked up the NIVEA Daily Essentials BB Cream 5in1 Beautifying Moisturiser yesterday in Tesco by accident (I swear!). I went in to buy laundry detergent and face wipes but went into auto-mode when I saw the words BB cream’ and ‘sale’

So obviously I got the shade ‘light’ and it claims to even, cover, illuminate, moisturise and protect your skin. It’s a bit thicker than my usual Maybelline BB cream, but it actually seems to be a good thing as it gives a bit more coverage. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that it’s part moisturiser. I don’t use moisturiser on my skin because it’s so oily, so I was worried that my face would be bare and shiny by the end of the day but it’s actually lasted quite a bit better than my usual cream.

Not only am I impressed by the quality so far, it was an absolute steal. It was on sale in Tesco for £3! Plus, the RRP is around the £6 mark, which I cheaper than my usual anyway. Obviously I’ve only tried this out for one day, but I’m pretty impressed and I can’t wait to see if the standard stays the same! I’m glad I was brave and tried something new!

Have you tried this BB cream yet? Or do you have one that you love?

Imogen x




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