Koko K – The Queen of Kylie Lip Kits

My collection has grown again! Last week after a long wait and my first ever customs hit *ugh* my Koko K finally arrived and it’s definitely my favourite so far!

Koko K

It arrived just in time for my trip (4 hours before I left to be exact) so I got to take it with me and it’s a weird one. When you place it side by side with the other pinks Candy K and Posie K it looks very pale and pinky but as I’ve said before, the colour is very different in the bottle to when it’s worn. I wore it twice whilst I was away and both days it seemed to look completely different (see below). I think the shade that it appears to be depends on what you’re wearing, or it just adapts to your skin after you’ve worn it once – who knows!

Koko K on two separate days

Either way, I love both of the colours that it appears on me and I’m definitely going to be wearing it at any opportunity. Word of warning though – do not layer it up! On the first day I put a second coat on after the grease from my food managed to get some off and it started to feel cakey and uncomfortable on my lips.

All the pinks (Candy K – Posie K – Koko K)

I’m not sure which colour I want next and the customs charge has actually put me off it for a while but no doubt when the new summer shades are released (eeek!) I’ll be tempted again.

Have you got any of the lip kits? And which one is your favourite?

Imogen x


14 thoughts on “Koko K – The Queen of Kylie Lip Kits

  1. I oredered 3 of the lip kits last week and got charged £20! I do love the kits though, I don’t have koko k but it looks so gorgeous on you, I just don’t want to pay customs again…


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