Half year update

So I was looking through my old posts and realised I set myself some goals back in my February Thoughts post that I’ve never really spoken about since. I thought with the first half of 2016 almost over, it’s the perfect time for a bit of an update and a new set of goals!

The goals I set back in February were to 1. Pass my driving test, 2. Avoid illness, 3. Try new beauty products more often and 4. Blog more. I think It’s pretty fair to say I have completed all of these (apart from a minor setback illness wise)! I passed my driving test about a month after the February post and I have sorted myself a brief schedule to make sure I post regularly (I do need to work on my post ideas though, any links with ideas would be greatly appreciated!). I’ve been a lot braver lately makeup-wise too in that I’m not just sticking to my usual products – it was a big achievement for me to try a new BB cream and I bought my first brown shade of lipstick today! But I mean, the illness one was a bit unrealistic, everyone gets ill at some point, although I am sure that the cold I have now is the first time I’ve been properly ill since that post so good going I guess?

Hows about some new goals then eh? Seeing as I did so well with the last lot!

1. Create a blog diary
I’ve wanted to start this for ages, but I’m so worried that I’ll give up after a month like the diaries I get at the start of every year. I’ve seen so many pretty stickers to help spruce up journals/diaries from places such as DorkfaceShop and OnceMoreWithLove which I’m definitely going to be investing in and I’m hoping they will keep me excited to keep going when I finally decide to start one. But finding the right diary is a task in itself too! I’m way too fussy in regards to the layout, size and design so it may take me a while to find one in the first place but I really do need one. I’m not so much falling behind with my writing, it’s more to keep on top of photos and ideas so I’m not sat down the night before a post day trying to find something to write about!

2. Get out more
I’m such a hermit. I’m getting a bit better with staying in contact with people, and I’ve spoken to a few different lovely people on Twitter etc but I don’t really tend to leave the house unless it’s to see my Mum or buy food. I’m hoping to start making more plans soon (although money would help for this) and be a bit more social. I will be attending the East Midland Blogger Meet Up in August though so hopefully I’ll meet some lovely people there who are willing to put up with me every now and then!

3. Save money
I realise this does kind of counter-act the previous goal, but you can still treat yourself on a budget! I’ve been trying to pay off some debt the last couple of months but of course nothing has really gone to plan and when my car started making the most horrendous noise I’ve ever heard a couple of weeks ago I realised I should probably set some money aside for emergencies and whatnot. My only issue with saving is that I just love to treat myself too much and money just burns a hole in my pocket. If it gets to the last day before payday and I have £10 left, I feel like I have to spend it. My attitude towards money definitely needs to change as a whole and I’m thinking of maybe creating a list of post ideas for a budget? (Let me know if you’re interested in this at all). I find that writing something out and hitting publish usually makes me stick to my word a little bit more.

4. Get organised
This does partly fall under the first goal because I need to have a look at scheduling tweets and stuff but my life is just one big unorganised mess at the moment! I’ve fallen behind with housework and my work emails are overflowing with bits and bobs that need doing. There’s only so long I can blame being ill/on holiday for so I need a good kick up the bum to get everything sorted and organise my life again!

So those are my goals, hopefully I won’t leave it another 6 months to check in and update as to how they’re going (I probably will though). I think these ones are just as acheiveable as the last ones, I just need to keep referring back to them I guess! Have you set any new goals lately? If so, what are they?

Imogen x


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