Etsy Buys

I don’t tend to order from Etsy too much anymore but when it comes to cards and phone cases it’s always the first place I look. And with the ones I’ve bought recently, you can see why!

Marble Monogrammed Phone Case

Ever since seeing something like this on Instagram a while ago I’ve been dying to have one and I just couldn’t contain my excitement when I finally found this. It comes in either white or pink marble and I loved them both but I figured the white would go with everything just that little bit better. It’s completely hardback plastic and the pattern wraps around the edges of your phone. I’m really not a fan of phone cases usually because they make your phone bulkier but a design like this is definitely something I can live with – although it’s actually a lot slimmer than I expected! The fact it’s monogrammed makes it 1000 times better for some reason, even if mine does look slightly off-center because the ‘I’ is so slim! You can shop this case or have a browse here.

Birthday Card from SiouxAlice

Anyone that knows me knows that this is my kind of card. Not only is the message 100% me in it’s cocky manner, but isn’t it just so pretty?! It’s so simple and elegant and the font is to die for (plus who doesn’t love a pretty little balloon!). It came with the cutest little thank you note too, which makes me love it so much more and she does so many amazing cards and I can’t wait to buy one for the next birthday! Although, I am tempted to just stock up on this one card. I would definitely recommend checking out her shop and considering her for your next card!

I’m so chuffed with these products and I’ve rekindled my love of Etsy since finding these because there are so many amazing products out there (with the added benefit of supporting small independent shops!). Have you bought anything from Etsy lately? I’d love to know if you have.

Imogen x


17 thoughts on “Etsy Buys

  1. I love buying from Etsy, it’s a great online shop for cute little gifts or buys for yourself. I’ve never bought cards from there though so I may have a look at these ones. Great post
    Sharon x

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      1. I really admire that! I am a big supporter of local businesses and small businesses. Not only that, they often put a lot more into their products than the mass producers. I think a favorites post would be GREAT!!!!! That’s a really good idea.

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