Kylie Lip Kit vs Maybelline

I did it again – I went shopping in my lunch break. I was well behaved though because I only bought 1 thing (I promise!) and it was quite a brave purchase. I picked up the Maybelline 24hour SuperStay lip colour in the shade Soft Taupe which is a lot more brown than I would ever usually go for but I thought I’d give it a fair chance! Athough, naturally with the name SuperStay I was always going to compare it with my Kylie Lip kits and see how it matches up.

When I first picked it up I thought it was just a basic matte that I could wear as a subtle everyday colour and I didn’t realise it had a shimmer in it until I got home – which makes it even less of a colour I would usually go for! I rushed straight upstairs when I got home to try it out and I’m still in two minds about it. I was having a look on the website description and they describe it as flex colour rather than a matte and it totally makes sense to me. I was slightly confused when I put it on because although my Kylie Lip Kits aren’t drying I can feel the matte texture and this SuperStay really doesn’t feel like that. It almost feels tacky (as in sticky, not cheap) almost like when you spill cough medicine on yourself (weirdest comparison I know) but admittedly, you kind of forget about it after a while. It also comes with a conditioning balm on the other end which is to help keep your lips moisturised, but I’ll touch on that later on.


There’s quite a difference in price between them but I personally think there’s a reason for it. The Kylie Lip Kit works out at around £30 with shipping with the added chance of a customs hit, whilst the Maybelline only cost me £6 on sale in Sainsbury’s. It is a major price difference but I think in this case I think the price reflects the quality.


This thing is well named though. I mean, I fell asleep and woke up with it on after a full night’s sleep last week (I just couldn’t be bothered to take it off) and it’s just as hard to get off as my Kylie lip kits. The Maybelline website claims that the SuperStay colour won’t crumble, fade, transfer or smudge and I would say that’s pretty accurate in all fairness – the only thing that puts me off it the intital stickiness of the product – but maybe that because I’m so used to Kylie’s formula (which I am in love with by the way!).
*Quick note for anyone struggling to get stubborn lipsticks off – Vaseline/lip balm and a face wipe are a magical combination.


The applicators on these two are different but not very drastically. They’re both doe foot applicators but the SuperStay is angled and slightly thinner. This does help with precision more than the Kylie one, but the Kylie comes with the lip liner to create the initial shape and that’s something I love.


I know I’ve said that the Maybelline isn’t a colour I’d usually go for so I seem completely biased but it’s the only one in the range that I think I would wear. I swatched quite a few of them in store and a lot of them had a deep shimmer in them which really isn’t my kind of thing. The conditioning balm on the other end seems to make the shimmer more obvious too, so although it would help with the stickiness of the texture it’s definitely something I won’t be using any time soon. I’m definitely a more matte kind of girl so of course I’m going to lean towards Kylie!

Winner – Kylie Lip Kit

Of course I’m going to be biased because I’ve had my lip kits a lot longer but I genuinely think the lip kit is the better option. Yeah, the Maybelline is a good option if you’re not willing to pay the price for a Kylie Lip Kit, but I do think this is a case where the quality is reflected in the price!



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