Let’s Talk About Sweat

Let’s face it – sweat is a part of life. But it’s definitely a part that I hate and desperately want to get rid of – and I think I’ve found the best possible solution! Last week I was sent a sample of Perspirex Comfort and I’m kicking myself for not discovering it sooner!  

When I was waiting for my sample to arrive I read up on the product a little bit and found that it’s effective in controlling Hyperhydrosis, something I have suffered from since I was in senior school. Hyperhydrosis is essentially excessive sweating of the armpits, hands and feet and literally every person I’ve told the name to has no idea what it is. Yes, teenagers are sweaty – but hyperhydrosis is a whole new level of sweaty. I’m sure everyone’s been in a situation before where they’ve been caught with sweat patches or they’ve had to present a clammy hand for a handshake, I mean there was a whole story on Kim K’s sweat patches not too long ago – but imagine that all day every day. I can literally get out of the shower and be sweating within 2 minutes – it’s gross.

Of course, the doctors weren’t much help, and I don’t blame them – there are definitely more important things for them to worry about than my sweatiness and I was prescribed an antiperspirant that had a similar concept to Perspirex. I found the deodorant really itchy and quite frankly, it didn’t work, but it was the best I could get unless I wanted to fork out hundreds for Botox. But then along came Perspirex and I didn’t think I could ever love an antiperspirant this much!

I had a choice of either the Original or the Comfort and I went for the Comfort because it’s designed to be less irritating than most extra effective antiperspirants – which is mainly where my last one went wrong. *Side note – Please follow the instructions and don’t apply to broken skin e.g. freshly shaven – I’ve done this twice now and you’ll definitely regret it. Of course, Perspirex doesn’t stop sweating all together, and I wouldn’t expect it to, but it dramatically reduces the sweating so at the minute I only sweat when when you’d expect me to rather than 24/7. By far the best part of the whole thing is that it’s effective for 3-5 days! Of course it depends on the severity, but with a minimum of 3 days, who can complain?! Plus, if that’s targeted at those with excessive sweating, just imagine how long it could be for everyone else!

It’s definitely the best hygiene product I’ve ever used and I don’t have a single doubt in my mind that this will be a staple of mine. It’s available to buy here and I really hope you do. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Imogen x


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