Nature’s Soap – a Lush alternative?

Last week I got home to one of the best deliveries I’ve had in a while – a big box of Nature’s Soap goodies! I’d never tried Nature’s Soap before so I was so excited to see how good they are, and I was absolutely besotted as soon as I opened the box and got a massive whiff of everything inside! 

All the products made by Nature’s Soap are aimed to offer an alternative to medicated products for people with irritated skin such as eczema,psoriasis, dermatitis itchy flaky skin or extremely dry skin, so they’re perfect for me! They also use all natural ingredients and 100% essential oils for all of their products, definitely something I look for in bath/body products. Everything I received smells absolutely amazing and I’ve been dying to try the goat’s milk soap ever since I stumbled across them! I’ve been dying to find an alternative to Lush lately too, because although I love the products they do, quite frankly I can’t afford it as much anymore.

Aromatherapy Body Sugar Scrub
I was so excited about this one – especially after reading the description. I was sent the Pink Grapefruit & Orange scrub, and the pink grapefruit is great for oily skin, something I definitely have. I’m a sucker for a good scrub, and this one doesn’t contain micro-beads so it’s a better for the environment than my usual scrub! I used this before shaving and I can honestly say my legs have never been so smooth – it’s definitely suited to sensitive skin because I didn’t come out with shaving rash at all and I have the most sensitive legs in the world. Now, I may not have tried the scrubs in Lush, but they definitely don’t have the range or scents that Nature’s Soap have so that’s 1 point already! I’m definitely considering trying the facial scrubs too, they all look so good and they’re all at a reasonable price of £5.

Aromatherapy Body Butter
I’ve never had a body butter like this one. I got the Pink Grapefruit and it’s so thick and creamy! Each tub is £7.50, but you only need a little bit because of how thick it is – I moisturised both legs and arms and I barely even made a dent in the product. It’s definitely worth the money, especially because of the amazing range of scents to choose from!  You can even use small amounts of it on frizzy hair too!?! I can’t wait to try it out on my hair, I’m intrigued to say the least!

Calendula Sunshine Bath Truffle
Whats a bath truffle you ask? I had no idea either! Turns out it’s similar to a bath bomb, but a lot more moisturising!  This particular truffle (Calendula Sunshine) contains Lemongrass essential oils so it’s soothing, healing, invigorating, antiseptic, antibacterial and deodorizing – packed full of benefits! It’s almost like a bath melt because you can use it more than once (if you hadn’t guessed from how big it is!), and they’re only £3.50 each. It also comes in a handy little organza bag, so if you don’t want the Calendula petals floating around in the bath, you can just keep it in the bag but still soak up all the nutrients – clever huh?!

Lip Balms
Nature’s Soap kindly sent me two different lip balms, Lavender & Tea Tree and Lemon and I love them! It’s such a shame that I received them not long before this weeks Love Your Lips post because they’re the perfect product and I’ve added them to my routine! I definitely think the Lemon one is my favourite though because it’s my all-time favourite scent and I don’t think I’ve ever found a lemon lip balm before? It does make me hungry though, because it’s quite a sweet lemon scent so all it reminds me of it lemon drizzle cake *ugh*. They’re super-soft on your lips and they’re thick but not a gooey-thick – a perfect inbetween. Nature’s Soap do both lip balm tins and sticks, all the sticks are £2.50 each and the tins are £3.50!

Goat’s Milk Soap with Poppy Seeds
Saving the best for last! This is probably the product I was most excited to try because the goats milk really intrigued me and again – lemon!!! The Lemon & Maychang would definitely have been the one I had chosen, so that got me super excited. If I’m honest, I never go for bars of soap anymore. When I first discovered Lush I tried a few out but they always seemed to dry my skin out so I’m so glad that this Nature’s Soap one doesn’t. The combination of poppy seeds and french yellow clay gives your skin a deep cleanse and removes dead skin cells and all of the goat’s milk soaps are completely free from harsh chemicals so they’re ideal for sensitive skin. It lathers so well, and the poppy seeds are a great touch because once you get through to them it almost feels like you’re being massaged and moisturised at the same time. Each soap is only £4.50 and they should definitely last a while – I barely touched the sides during my bath!

I think with all of these amazing products, it’s safe to say that Nature’s Soap are a worthy alternative to Lush! Not only do their products match the quality, they also have some stuff that you can’t find at Lush! Granted, there are still some things that I’ll always go to Lush for – but for things like soaps and scrubs, I’ll definitely be giving Nature’s Soap a visit instead!

Imogen x


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