How to get the Perfect Pout

So the lovely people over at DEE&CO were kind enough to send me their newest product – Perfect Pout! I’m not gonna lie, although I’ve been considering one for a while now to fix my non-existent upper lip and even out my asymmetrical mouth, I was slightly terrified after last year’s Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Of course this was addressed before they sent it over to me, and I’m 100% reassured that the product is safe (and not permanent!).

Isn’t it just the prettiest colour ever?! I have a serious thing for pink at the minute and it’s slowing taking over my life, so of course I loved it as soon as I opened it! It comes with a super handy step-by-step guide on the box for newbies like me and it couldn’t be more simple.

All you have to do is prep your lips with your preference of lip balm (I went for my Nature’s Soap Lemon lip balm), center your lips in the device and start sucking! You only need to suck gently until you feel you’re at a comfortable suction level, and it only needs to stay on for 15-30 seconds depending on how you want it to look – the longer you keep it on, the fuller your lips will be!
They have a good range of different shapes and sizes to suit each lip-size/shape (I received ‘wide‘ which works well with my lip shape) and the type of look you want, so there’s definitely something for everyone!

My experience

If you follow me on Snapchat (imogenpenchants) you’ll know that I did get a little bit excited when it arrived so I did tear the box a bit but nothing major. I was upstairs trying it out in the mirror within 5 minutes of it being open and although it took me a minute to figure out (I just couldn’t get my head around the suction), I got there eventually. It was a weird sensation to me because I could feel my lips growing whilst it was on and my braces did dig into my inner lip slightly which was slightly painful, bearable though. It did make my lips a bit fuller and did even them out slightly, plus my lipsticks happened to looks 1000% better on me with fuller lips! The effects last a good couple of hours so it’s perfect to use for a night out out when you go for a meal. The look, for me, isn’t an everyday look but I know it will be for some people – my sister uses a lip plumper everyday without fail – but I’ll definitely be using it for general occasions and when I decide to use my beloved Kylie Lip Kits!

You can find Perfect Pout on social media:
Twitter: @myperfectpout
Instagram: @myperfectpout

and it’s available at your nearest ArchAngelz beauty bar!

Imogen x


9 thoughts on “How to get the Perfect Pout

  1. Be careful with these! They are not that healthy :// Think about a balloon and how it looks like when the hair leaves it. You already have amazing lips, just overdraw your lip liner for a fuller effect. 🙂


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