Etsy Spotlight – WitchwoodRemedies


So if you’re following me on Twitter/Snapchat you’ll know that I’m starting an Etsy series! My recent Etsy Buys post seemed to be quite popular, so I thought it’d be a great idea to feature a different seller each week and show you all how great handmade products can really be! I’ve tried my best to find a good range of products (candles, body care, illustrations etc) so I’m not writing about that same kind of things each time and I’ll be featuring a different seller every week. I have spoken to each seller involved myself, and they are some very lovely, helpful people with heaps of talent! 

So without further ago, our first seller of the series is WitchwoodRemedies! WitchwoodRemedies is a shop run by the lovely Erin who handcrafts all products sold. Everything sold is (as you can see from the header) all-natural, vegan and eco-friendly, what more could you ask for?!

There is an amazing range of candles, soaps, scrubs and bath bombs with the best combination of scents I’ve ever seen. Plus, they’re all delicately decorated with dried flowers/fruit, giving them a cute rustic look – perfect for gifts or as a treat to yourself (I’m definitely a fan of the section option)!

When I contacted Erin she ever so kindly offered to send me a set of eco-soy tea lights of my choice to show you all and I definitely think I chose the best ones! I went for the Sweet Orange Soy Tea Lights and look how pretty they are! These are quite possibly the cutest candles I’ve ever had and I’m a serious candle lover – so I’ve definitely had my fair share! The smell is so strong (in a great way) that I could smell them even before I took them out of the box! They’re not overpowering in the slightest, although they do make me quite hungry for oranges (who knew you could crave fruit?!).

With all of the candles being eco soy wax, they burn for a lot longer than your average candle (I can’t definitely vouch for this) and the burn is a lot cleaner too. It’s also biodegradable and water soluble, so it’s a lot better for the environment and your home than the usual wax candles.

I’m so in love with these tea lights and I’ll definitely be buying more of these and trying out a few other bits! When I do I’ll definitely do another post on it all! I’m so glad I stumbled upon WitchwoodRemedies, it’s definitely going to be my new go-to for candles and I’m already thinking of including something from there in my 1 year of blogging giveaway! I’d definitely recommend  checking out the website for yourself and grabbing yourself a few treats. Shopping carries a lot less guilt when you’re supporting small businesses and you get products as great as these!

You can find WitchwoodRemedies on Instagram and Facebook, go and give them a follow to keep up to date on any new products!

Imogen x


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