Beauty on a budget – Essence Cosmetics

Last week I received one of my favourite kinds of blogger mail -make up! Essence isn’t necessarily a brand I would usually go for in all fairness but I was pleasantly surprised!  I have a quick look at the stand in Wilkos every Friday on my lunch break but I’ve only ever purchased Essence products maybe twice?

They sent me such a full range of different products – enough to do almost a full face! I was excited about a few bits more than others, but after giving them a try everything is such good quality and I actually feel a bit stupid for not giving Essence a fair chance sooner! Both the compact powder and concealer were a couple of shades too dark for me (paleness sucks sometimes) but luckily the concealer seems to have 2 different shades in it – so fancy – meaning I can get away with the lighter shade, but I haven’t been able to try out the compact just because it’s so much darker than my skin, and I don’t want too look too orange!

So the first thing I had a proper look at was the All About Greys eyeshadow palette and it’s got a good range of shades for saying how petite the palette is itself! I’m not really an eyeshadow person – purely because I’m so bad at it – but this will be perfect for practicing a few looks, I’ll definitely stick with the lighter colours to begin with though! The quality of the shadows is great, I actually struggled to remove the swatches with cleansing wipes after I took the photo below, which is amazing because I find that some eyeshadows I’ve had before can start to fade throughout the day. It’s super cheap aswell at £4(!) so perfect if you’re on a budget!

The I ❤️ Extreme volume mascara couldn’t have come at a better time because I was definitely running low on my previous one. If you read my Everyday Face post you’ll know that I use Essence mascaras already, because they really do work and the fact that they’re so affordable is amazing! I don’t like to spend much on mascaras because I haven’t found ‘the one‘ yet and I’m on too strict of a budget to shop around all of the different brands and why bother when I’ve got one that does the job well? The Essence mascaras seem to be slightly bigger than others that I’ve tried and they last me a hell of a long time. Of course they have a wide range of different wands for different target areas – but I’m a sucker for a thicker volume mascara. It’s also only £2.79 – I challenge you to find a quality one just as cheap!

The Lip products definitely intrigued me the most, especially the lipstick. The sent me the Long Lasting Lipliner in ‘Berry On My Mind’ and the Velvet Matte lipstick in 24. Both products are completely different on to how they appear in the packaging but that’s not always a bad thing! (I definitely always recommend swatching products in store though). The lipliner was a great surprise because I’ve already got the in mauve and it’s such a beautiful colour. This is a different range though and I prefer the formula of these. They have quite a creamy consistency (similar to the Kylie lip liners) so they glide over your lips so easily. Only down side to this is that you can’t always get a perfect line, but if you keep a steady hand you’re good to go. I definitely didn’t like the lipstick when I first opened it – it looked way too dark for me and it wasn’t something I’d ever pick up for myself – but it’s actually one of my favourite products now! When I put it on it wasn’t the deep purple I thought it’d be, it’s actually the cute pink (bottom swatch) and it would be perfect for a night out! It isn’t overly-matte to me, probably because I’m used to liquid lipsticks but it definitely doesn’t have the lipstick shine that I desperately try to avoid! The lipstick is only £2.30, so definitely worth giving a go and the lip liners are £1.50 with 9 different colours in the range (you could get every colour for a total of £13.50!?).

As I said at the beginning, the camouflage cream concealer came in natural beige so it’s a bit dark for me, but luckily there are 2 colours in the set! I’ve never seen a concealer with more than one shade (apart from colour correctors) and it’s actually a great idea because they do have different tones to them! The right is definitely a lot cooler and is just about right for my skin but the left is a great stand-by incase I ever tan (a girl can dream!). You can build the coverage with these and I honestly love them, especially as they’re only £2.50. I’ve never really been one to reach for concealer but I have used this every day since it arrived. It’s definitely the cherry on top of my makeup routine!

As you can see, I’m pretty chuffed with all of these products, and Essence is a brand that I’ll definitely be paying more attention to. So if you’re on a cash-strapped with a slight spending problem like me, I’d seriously recommend checking them out!

Imogen x


25 thoughts on “Beauty on a budget – Essence Cosmetics

  1. I just bought ‘Essence Mosaic Compact Powder and Essence Stay All Day 16h long lasting makeup’ recently. I totally love it!

    Now, that I saw this blog post, I knew I must go and grab it too. 🙂 Thank you for the great review and also, I love ‘Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer’. It looks awesome! Definitely will try it soon.


  2. Such an interesting post. I don’t tend to go for budget makeup but am definitely going to give Essence a try next time I’m struggling for pennies. Thanks for sharing xx

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  3. I love Essence, I decided to give them more of a chance with their makeup when I realized how amazing their nail polishes were! I really need to pick up more of their lipsticks and lip liners, I think I have one of each!


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