TimelessTruth Green Tea Mask

Now I love a good face mask, especially a sheet mask because they can be so refreshing and let’s face it, it’s a great way to scare people. So when I received a Timeless Truth mask in the post I was buzzing. I don’t use face masks as often as I used to, just because I either don’t have the time or I can’t find the effort to wash it off afterwards – so this mask was perfect for me! Plus, with such oily skin I was excited to try out a green tea product as I’ve heard it can be great for it!

Each mask comes in a sachet that shows the design of the pattern of the included mask on the front. The Green Tea mask that I received is part of the Fusion range and this particular one is designed to help regulate oils in the skin and minimise enlarged pores, among other benefits. I couldn’t have received a more suitable mask for my skin! Obviously, it was a green mask and as you can see from the photos below, it was a bit too big for my face. With my head being so small it meant I had to fold a couple of parts of the mask so it was a bit more fitted, but better too big than too small!

The Fusion masks are packed in serum – and when it says packed, it’s not lying. I was quite surprised at how well this worked in controlling my oily skin with the amount of serum that was on the mask, it also tells you to massage the remaining serum into your skin once you’ve taken the mask off, so I just grabbed a cotton pad and glided the remnants over my face. Most masks that are aimed at regulating oil secretion tend to be quite drying but this one has left my face only slightly tight and matte but still nice and moisturised which is a great combination in my eyes. The instructions are so simple and the mask only needs to be left on for 15-20 minutes for you to get the full effect. I always tend to go for the longer option, mainly because I’m too lazy to get up or I’m too busy applying the mask to take note of what time I put it on *sloth problems*. After having the mask on for around 10 minutes it started to get nice and cool making it all the more relaxing.

Timeless Truth have quite a few different masks in the Fusion range as well as a couple of different ranges too! You can also search for your perfect mask by searching the ranges by skin type. All of the Fusion masks are under £5 and you can get them in boxes of 5 for £23.50! I’d definitely recommend checking them out – I’ll definitely be trying out some more!

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Imogen x


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