Etsy Spotlight – Sassie & Boo

Time for the second installment of the Etsy Spotlight series and this week’s shop is Sassie & Boo! Last week’s post with WitchwoodRemedies had a great reception (you can read it here) and I hope you guys love this one just as much as I do!

Sassie & Boo is run by a lovely lady named Keeley and she sells a selection of lip balms, face balms and candles. Each product is handmade by Keeley herself after a hard day’s work!

Keeley kindly offered to send me a product and within a matter of days (speedy delivery anyone?) this Rose Geranium Natural Lip Balm arrived at my door! I’m never usually one to go for a floral scent as I’m more of a fruity/citrusy kind of girl but I absolutely adore this! You can smell the rose in it but it’s nowhere near as overpowering as most floral scents. I also usually find that florals have a slight musky smell to them, but this one doesn’t and I’m so glad. The texture is a bit different to lip balms that I’ve had before as it almost has the bumpy feel of a lip scrub and it seems to withstand the heat pretty well! (I’ve recently had a heatwave catastrophe with one of my lip balms).

Of course the scent and texture plays a big part, but it’s not the most important! I’ve definitely got a good collection of lip balms (some may say too many but that’s another issue) but I can honestly say this is one of the most hydrating ones I’ve used. Most balms tend to either sit on top of your lips making them sticky – I’m looking at you Carmex – or they disappear within 10 minutes of applying them. When I apply this Sassie and Boo one it has a good inbetween. It seems to instantly hydrate my lips and they stay nice and smooth for hours afterwards. You know how your lips feel when you wake up after applying lip balm before bed? Just like that. I have the smoothest lips I’ve had in a long time, something I didn’t think I’d have in the heatwave we’ve been having lately! I just wish I’d received this in time for my Love Your Lips post, because it would have definitely been at the top of my list!

The shop is currently undergoing a makeover (hence the lack of products available) but it will be up and running again on the 1st of September! I’d definitely recommend trying out the lip balm featured in this post but make sure you nip back then to check out the full range of amazing products too!

You can find Sassie & Boo on Etsy here and stay up to date with new products and announcements on Facebook here!

Imogen x


11 thoughts on “Etsy Spotlight – Sassie & Boo

  1. I’m a bit lip balm obsessed — especially Rose scented. I definitely don’t NEED another one but this one looks like it would be really good for every day moisturizing. Etsy is the best place to find a lot of different natural beauty products so it’s always my first stop when looking for indie organic makeup.


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