The Lesser Known of Lush – Shaving & Makeup

So if you caught my Lush alternatives Nature’s Soap post a couple of weeks ago, or my Snapchat recently (imogenpenchants) you’ll know that there are a couple of products that I’ll only buy from Lush, and I finally got my hands on them again! Most people associate Lush with bath bombs and shower gel, and I can see why because they have an amazing selection and it’s usually the first place you’d look for that kind of thing. But not many people pay attention to the other incredible products they have!

As well as their skincare range – which has been getting a lot of love lately – they do some amazing body products and surprisingly, they do makeup too! Of course it’s all cruelty free and handmade –  it is Lush after all!

D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

I’ve been using D’Fluff for a good couple of years now and it’s absolutely incredible. I did my research before I first bought it and they helped so much (one very graphic review in particular)! I’d always recommend researching a product before buying it, so you know if it’s suited to your skin/problems. I’d personally never heard of shaving soaps before, gel yeah, but not a soap. It comes in a little black tub and you simply need to scoop out however much you need – I don’t use that much each time and I’ve found a tub to last me a good 2/3 months! It doesn’t specifically state that D’Fluff is suited for sensitive skin, but it’s the first thing I’ve found to help prevent shaving rash. It doesn’t smell all that much like strawberries, but that isn’t really a deal-breaker for me because it does the job so well! If you have sensitive skin and struggle with shaving rash regularly I’d definitely recommend giving this a go! The tubs come in 2 different sizes and it’s £5.75 for 70g or £9.95 for 150g.

*Lush also have an amazing deal where you can trade in 5 clean tubs or tubes with the recycling logo on them to get a free face mask!

Colour Supplement in Jackie Oates

Ok so I know Lush isn’t somewhere you’d usually think of when you’re on the lookout for a new foundation/BB cream but this is definitely my all time favourite. The shade Jackie Oates is the closest I’ve gotten to my skin tone as its created for fairer folk and English Roses (I’ll take that) and it’s named after an English folk singer called – you guessed it – Jackie Oates! It’s perfect for people that struggle to find a light enough shade of foundation in drugstores (I’ve had many an orange line around my face) and although it’s only a small pot, a little bit of product goes a long way! Plus, if this is the shade for you, you’ll be pleased to know (I hope) that it actually smells of oats! It smells so amazing that I could eat it, and it is one of the main reasons I love it so much! Of course, as it’s a colour supplement so you can mix it with a moisturiser for a light coverage, but if you want to use it as a foundation you need to tap it on (instead of wipe) to get a full coverage. It has so many great ingredients in it to help soothe, hydrate and even out your skin, you should definitely pop over to the website and check out the full list and description! The colour supplements come in 7 different shades and if the wide range of colours don’t suit your skin, you could always mix a couple to get the right shade – at least with 2 tubs its last twice as long! It’s only £9.95 too, so in the same price range as most drugstore foundations!

If you haven’t tried any of the Lush body/makeup ranges I’d definitely recommend giving them a go and these two favourites of mine are a great place to start if you can’t decide! Or if you’ve tried similar products – I’d love to hear about it. I’m always wanting to try something new!

Imogen x


19 thoughts on “The Lesser Known of Lush – Shaving & Makeup

  1. YES!!!! DFLUFF IS MY FAVE! So glad it’s getting some blog love 💖 Also, I’m absolutely dying to get my hands on Jackie Oates, I’m already cruelty free but also want to try and use as little mica containing products as possible and Lush uses synthetic mica (thank god) so this foundation looks like my perfect alternative! So happy I found this review! Xo

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      1. I’m so desperate for Jackie Oates! Thinking I’m gonna get it as my winter foundation! Can’t wait to smell it…loving this lesser known lush post….you should make it a series so people realise it’s not just bath bombs 🙊 xx

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  2. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of lush but you’re right, there are definitely some products that can go unnoticed as I’ve never even heard of either of these products! I definitely need to get my hands on the shaving cream as I do get some rashes if I shave my legs too often and the colour is amazing aswell! So thank you for the recommendation!

    Lucy // luluslifestyleloves.blogspot,

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  3. I liked this post before I even read it because I saw lush! I don’t regret liking it at all! Amazing, 100% going to try the shaving soap! Could you check out my blog please, I’m new to blogging! Thank you xxx

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