Etsy Spotlight – BeFave

It’s wednesday again already (?!) which means we’re on to the third seller of the Etsy Spotlight series! This week is definitely one of my favourites because it’s focused on more home decor & accessories and it’s a cute little shop called BeFave! 

BeFave is run by Kay who handcrafts all of the products sold and they’re all rustic vintage inspired clay gifts – although I probably wouldn’t have the heart to give many of these away as gifts! With all of the products being handmade, hand-stamped and made of clay, no two products are the exact same and the product you receive will vary from the photos, making each one individually yours!

Kay kindly sent me a heart shaped lace stamped ring dish so I could see the products first hand and oh my god. It’s one of the most delicate, beautiful things I’ve ever laid eyes on. I almost didn’t want to put any rings in it because the lace detail is so gorgeous (you can see it properly on the photo below) and I almost felt like my tatty rings spoil it a little. As I said before, it is quite delicate with it being made of clay but it arrived in bubble wrap to avoid it breaking in transit – and it arrived pretty quickly too! BeFave don’t just do ring dishes either, they also sell clay bunting (so cute!!) and hanging clay hearts that are ideal as gifts. As soon as I get a dressing table all set up I’ll definitely be getting some of the bunting as a decoration because it’s just too cute not to buy. I’m keeping my ring dish on my bedside table at the minute and it fits in so well!

I absolutely love the idea of clay homeware, it’s so simple but really gives everything a more authentic feel and you know that a lot of work has gone into each piece. I know I shouldn’t have favourites when it comes to this series, because I don’t want to promote one business more than another – especially when they’re all such amazing quality, but BeFave is definitely up there!

Each product would be a perfect addition to your own nightstand or dressing table so I’d definitely recommend at least having a look! If you’re curious about the rings in the photo, the two midi rings were from Primark about a year ago and you can read about the mood ring necklace here. I’m also thinking of including one of the ring dishes in my giveaway later this year just because I love mine so much – let me know in the comments if it’s something you’d want to be included!

Make sure you check out BeFave on Etsy, Instagram & Pinterest for all the latest updates and new products!

Imogen x

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


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