Etsy Spotlight – Abbie Imagine

I said it before in my Etsy Buys post and this next seller is a perfect way to back it up – Etsy is 100% the place to go for cards. This week’s seller is AbbieImagine and she sells the most amazing cards and prints! Everything available is hand-designed by Abbie herself, and every poster is printed to order. 

Abbie kindly offered to send me a couple of bits to write about and when she asked which of the products caught my eye it didn’t feel fair picking because everything is just so cute. I did however mention that the Oscar Wilde quote was my favourite and I was ecstatic when I realised it was included in what she sent me! You can see from the photos just how gorgeous everything is and I can guarantee that the quality is just as amazing!


The prints are made of thick archival matte paper and I’m currently in desperate search of some frames to do these ones justice! (recommendations welcome) I’ve already planned where I’m putting the Oscar Wilde quote because it’s so simple and elegant that it’s fits in with just about home decor really easily but I’m thinking I’m going to have the Alice in Wonderland quote in my writing/getting ready space when I get round to redecorating! They’re just too pretty to sit around the house. Each prints is available in 3 different sizes too, each at a different price. I’m definitely going back to order some mini prints once these have a home. Filling my Etsy basket has never been so exiting!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how cute these cards are? The Platonic Soulmate one is so gorgeous that I almost don’t want to give it away – I might just give it to myself because you know, why not? (I’m kidding, I swear). The little kitties on the Cats card are absolutely adorable too and the best thing about these two cards is that they’re not event specific! These are quite small, not the average card size, and I love that about them – you’re always going to be drawn to the card that looks a little bit different on the mantelpiece. They’re plain inside so you can add your own message, meaning you’re not limited to using them for just birthdays too. Of course, there are event specific cards, but I personally prefer plain ones because I like to have cards ready for birthdays/events that I’ve forgotten about – yes you can be super unorganised but prepared at the same time! Plus, who doesn’t love a good brown craft envelope? They feel add such a nice touch and definitely give a handmade-feel.


AbbieImagine has definitely gone to the top of my list when it comes to cards and prints and if you haven’t stopped reading mid-post to have a look for yourself you’re really missing out and you need to have a browse like right now. There’s also a couple of great promotions on at the minute and you’d be insane to miss out on them! You can find the shop here, and you can keep up to date with new products on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Imogen x

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


12 thoughts on “Etsy Spotlight – Abbie Imagine

  1. I loved shopping on Etsy! There are so many great little shops and I’ve found some of the best greeting cards through Etsy. Daydream Prints is one of my favorite print/greeting cards shop right now and if you like illustrated cards and quotes you should check them out, too. I am a huge fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland but that “platonic soulmate” card is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Ugh there are just so may places to buy great cards online. I feel like I’m always find new, cute cards to collect 🙂


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