The £5 Shopping Trip

Every time I go shopping I tell myself that I’m not going to spend much, and 90% of the time I go completely overboard and spend a fortune. This time though, I stuck to my word and spend only £5! I don’t know if this trip was a cheap one because I couldn’t find much or because I somehow conjured up some self-control (who knew I was capable?) but either way, I picked up a couple of things I’ve been looking for and a couple things I didn’t know I needed – yes I do need them, ok? So all in all, sucessful.

I only ventured into 3 shops altogether and even though I was tempted by the MUA products in Superdrug (the whipped velvet lipsticks were only £1.50!?), I refrained – mainly because they didn’t have many testers and I can’t buy a lipstick without swatching it – so I only actually bought from 2 shops.

The first shop was of course Primark. I went in originally because I needed some new sunglasses but as they’ve moved everything around I couldn’t find them anywhere, so of course I wandered over to the beauty section… The beauty bit in Derby is only small and again they didn’t have the matte lipstick I wanted (Primark Derby you can restock 01 you know) but I picked up the set of 2 copper tweezers, a pack of bronze & silver bobby pins and the pink chalk spray.
Each item was only £1 which makes them justified anyway, but I did really need the pins because the silver ones in the pack will suit my new hair better and I needed the tweezers because Ashley butchered mine trying to reattach the toilet roll holder – cheers for that. The chalk spray was more of a curiosity thing, but I’ve been wondering what I’d look like with pink hair and this is a good way to find out without it being permanent. I’m a little bit apprehensive, partly because I’m worried that it might stain/ruin my hair but I’m sure they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it if it caused any damage! I’m excited to use it even though it might just be for a shopping trip or a walk down to Tesco (I don’t get out much if you hadn’t already guessed). I’ll be posting updates on my Twitter and Snapchat (imogenpenchants) when I finally get around to applying it!

The other shop I ventured into was Wilkos to nip over to the Essence stand. If you caught my Beauty on a Budget – Essence post you’ll know that essence have some great products and they’re all super cheap. I’ve been looking for a brown eyeliner for a couple of weeks, just to add to my everyday look and I was right when I thought that Essence might do one! I got the Longlasting Eyeliner in Hot Chocolate and decided to pick up Black Fever whilst I was at it too. They’re a creamy texture, the same as the Longlasting Lipliner I got last time, and they do the job really well, almost too well because I struggled to wipe it off afterwards! They were only £1 each too, a proper bargain. Essence is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands!

Have you ever had a super cheap shopping trip? I’d love to know what you got, I’m always on the lookout for a bargain!

Imogen x


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