So on Saturday I was one of the lucky ones as I managed to get a place at the East Midlands Meetup in Leicester! I took the trip with Kirsty at xoxokiki and there were about 40 of us lovely bloggers at Manhattan 34 for happy hour (which I assumed was 2 for 1 but hey ho) for a few talks, some chatting and the most important part – cocktails.

We did get into a Leicester a little early, so Kirsty and I ventured over to Whippee for some paninis and ice cream! I wasn’t a massive fan of the panini I got but the ice cream was amazing – I just wished I’d had a proper browse of the ice cream selection because it wasn’t until after I’d chosen my mint choc chip that I found the Jaffa Cake flavour (I was heartbroken to say the least).

So on to the main event! We arrived at Manhattan 34 a little early but we were still the last ones there – us midlanders are a punctual bunch! We were given a small slip with a random fact on it, with the aim of finding the fact’s owner, encouraging you to start up conversations! I loved this idea and eventually got around to finding out who was qualified as a nail technician about an hour in, although nobody ever found me with my fact! The layout of the whole place was gorgeous, it was almost modern but rustic at the same time (if that’s even possible, I don’t really know what I’m talking about when it comes to interiors) and of course we rushed to the bar for a couple of Pornstar Martinis and then started to wander around a bit. There were more companies there than I thought would even be able to fit in, and everyone was so friendly too! Over on one side were Angel Eyes and Danique Hair. And then on there other there was Bru with some gorgeous cakes and brownies up for grabs and Blogosphere Magazine! There were also talks from Blogosphere and Cool As Publicity that gave us all some helpful information on working with businesses/brands and Blogosphere gave us an insight into how they work and what we need to do to be featured!

After a bit of chatting and another cocktail (well, a few sips of one, DO NOT order a Lemon Curd Martini – ever) we got around to the raffle! There were so many prizes available it was insane, and I actually won one! I picked a one-off Little-Known Box and I’m so excited for it to arrive, make sure you keep an eye out for the post on it! Ok so I knew we were getting goody bags in the first place, but I wasn’t quite expecting so much! (Yes, everything in the photo below was in my goody bag!) How cute is that Matalan mason jar cup?! The girls that organised the meet-up definitely went above and beyond with organising everything and I’m so grateful to have gotten a place and for the hard work and hours they put into it!

The organisers were Emmie, Kirsty, Kirstie and Lianne (sorry if I’ve missed anyone) and the amazing goodies we received will be mentioned on my Twitter – I don’t want to ramble too much here! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, even though it was just a quick glance at my day. I had a great time and can’t wait for my next event/meetup! Let me know if you’re going to any soon, I want to try and get to as many as I can!

Imogen x


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