Etsy Spotlight – Yuca388

5 weeks later and here we are, at the end of my Etsy series! I hope everyone has loved it as much as I have and gone out and bought some of the beauties that I’ve featured! I think overall there’s been a good range – we’ve had candles, lip balms, home decor and prints & cards – and now it’s beauty tools! This weeks seller is Yuca388 and I think it’s a pretty good high to finish on!

So if you hadn’t guessed form the photos, Yuca388 sell makeup sponges/beauty puffs and she kindly sent me both to give them a go. There are 2 sponges up for grabs, calabash & olive, and they’re both latex free, non-toxic and rich in vitamin E (which helps to maintain healthy skin). They both come in their own little pots so that they don’t get damaged on their way to you, it’s just a massive bonus that the pots are great for displaying on your makeup stand too or keeping your sponges stored when you’re not using them (that’ll probably never happen though).

I’m always honest with you guys, you know that, so I hope you trust me when I say these are some of the best sponges I’ve ever used.

I’ve got quite a sizeable collection of sponges (since using my first one I seem to have gone a bit overboard) but I’ve been using olive near enough every day and it’s beat my Real Techniques sponge of the same shape by a mile. You have to wet these before every use, but even when wet they still have the suede feel to them which makes them so soft and helps them blend so easily!
*Just make sure that you’re washing your sponges regularly if you’re using them daily – I may have left mine a little too long. Yuca388 recommend washing them after every 2 or 3 uses!

These sponges would be one of the best investments you make all year, and even though they’re around £10 (Olive is £9.56 and Calabash is £8.77), a RT sponge is around £8 itself, and these ones are better by miles. Also, Yuca388 were lovely enough to offer 20% off for you guys so you’re not even paying full price! Just use the code ‘IMOG20’ at the checkout!

Make sure you head over to Yuca388 here and pick yours up, you can thank me later!

Imogen x

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


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