Baker days

Everyone loves cake right? And what’s better than having it delivered? You don’t even have to move! Granted, you would have to wait a couple of days, but a personalised letterbox caked from Bakerdays is worth the wait!


Bakerdays is an online cake delivery service and they were generous enough to offer me my own personalised cake of my choice! All I had to do was pick a base and send in any photos or text I wanted and that was it. As I didn’t have any events coming up, I opted for just a photo cake and I’m not vain enough (yet) to send in a selfie, so I thought I could earn a couple relationship brownie points and get an old-ish photo of Ashley and I to put on it instead! (It worked btw).

I’m a big cake fan, like who doesn’t love cake? Especially cake that I can design myself on the comfort of my sofa! It did take me a while to look through all of them because there are just so many categories and designs to choose from – seriously, you name an event and they have a category – not to mention the 5 different flavours (including gluten free and dairy free!) and 4 different sizes. You’re seriously spoilt for choice.

But enough about the perks of having cake delivered and how pretty they are – the taste is the most important part! I had the vanilla sponge with buttercream and it was delightful. Usually cake leaves me quite podgey (doesn’t stop me eating it though) but this was nice and light so I wasn’t bloated at all after eating it. Plus, I love buttercream and photo icing (if that’s even a thing) so the combination of both was dreamy.

So if you’re a cake lover like me (if you’re not then thanks for reading and everything but I don’t think we can be friends) go check out Bakerdays here!

Imogen x

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


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