Do Peel-off Lip Tints really work?

I know I’m a little late to the party (what’s new eh?) but I finally got round to ordering some peel-off lip tints and they arrived a couple of weeks ago! I was quite dubious of the whole concept because I just didn’t quite understand it, and to be quite honest, I still don’t – but I’ve given them all a go anyway!

So first of all, I didn’t go with the Berrisom range because I’m cheap and I’d rather spend my money on something I know is gonna work so I had a quick search on Amazon for some cheaper options! It didn’t take me long to find a set of 6 random colours for £2.49 (you can buy them here) and although it meant I could possibly end up with 6 of one colour I jumped at it – it’d be criminal not to for that price right? Luckily, I ended up with 1 of each colour available! The colours are Lovely Peach, Rose Pink, Watermelon, Sweet Orange, Sexy Red and Cherry Red – a range of pinks, reds and oranges!

By the time they arrived (delivery took about 3 weeks in total) I was actually quite excited to try them out – so much so that I shot upstairs and gave the shade Watermelon a go. When I started to apply it I wasn’t very impressed because, although I’d read the views and seen that the applicator was a standard lipgloss tube tip, I didn’t expect the application to be so difficult. The lip tint itself is so gloopy (is that a word?) that it makes it hard to spread the colour across your lips evenly so I was worried that it’d come out patchy and weird. Thankfully when I took a trip into Lush last week I managed to grab a couple of the doefoot applicators they had out to test the pigments (sorry Lush!) so it’s been a bit easier to apply since. The first time I tried one out I definitely didn’t put it on thick enough because it didn’t last too long after I peeled it off, so if you’re gonna go for it and pick some up, remember to lay it on thick! But bearing this in mind, you might want to go for a better known brand when it comes to these peel-off tints because there doesn’t seem to be much product in each of these tubes!

The idea of peeling it off was what confused me the most and I still find it weird everytime I wear them! It’s a strange sensation and it actually tickles me a little bit (I hope I’m not the only one) but it does really work. It can take a while to dry enough to peel it off, just because you have to lay it on thick but being a matte-lip gal, I’m used to sitting around waiting for my lips to dry anyway! As with any lip product, the colours will look different on every skin tone and natural lip shade, but of course I didn’t even think about this and lathered my lips in Sweet Orange anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love this colour, just mainly on other people. It looks more of a reddy-orange on me, which could work with some looks, but it’s not a colour I’ll be reaching for everyday!

Overall, they don’t quite last the few days that the description on these claim to, but they do the job and last me through a full days work – as long as I apply it properly! If you’re curious like me but you’re not willing to part with too many pennies you should definitely give these a go – even if it’s just to find your favourite shade before going for a better brand!

Imogen x


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