Monkey Melts

I’m sure by now you guys know I love candles. Who doesn’t? I’m an avid Yankee Candle fan but as you can probably guess, it’s a pretty expensive obsession and I just can’t afford to keep up with it so I’m always on the look out for an alternative that’s just a good – if not better! Monkey Melts is definitely one of those shops whose products are up there with the best, they’re so good that I’ve already had 2 colleagues order them and they’re just as impressed as I am!

As you can see, they were definitely over generous! They let me pick a few bits for myself and also sent a few testers of the ones I didn’t go for but I’ll tell you which ones they are later – for now let’s talk about whether they actually work!
With such a huge range it was hard to choose which scent to go for first but I eventually settled on Strawberry Kiwi. I gave the bathroom a quick clean (I like to wait until the house is clean before I burn one because it feels fresher) then I popped it on top of the burner that I picked and lit just 1 tealight underneath – you can use 2/3 if you want it to burn a bit quicker. Within about 20 minutes the whole house was filled with a fruity smell and it was beautiful. I let the tealight run it’s course and the melt dried within about half an hour of the candle going out but I lit it again the next day and the scent was exactly the same strength – not something I tend to get with the Yankee Candle wax melts!

Monkey Melts have an amazing range of scents, with each one available in 5 different forms. When you pick your scent from the Bakery, Drinks, Dupes, Florals, Fresh, Fruitys or Sweets categories (is that a good range or what?!) you can pick from the following forms –
Monkeys, Mini Monkeys (4 monkeys), Mini Bananas (4 bunches), Crumble Pots or Shots. There’s one of the Monkeys that I got in the photo above and you can see just how big it is! I went for a good range when I picked mine because I thought it’d be best to show all the different forms so I got the following:

Monkey – Iced Pineapple
Mini Monkeys – Blue Hawaiian
Mini Bananas – Key Lime Pie
Crumble Pot – Strawberry Kiwi
Shot – Laundromat
Melt Burner
Mini Monkeys (Tester) – Salt Water Taffy
Mini Bananas ( Tester) – Raspberry Zinger
Monkey (Tester) – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

So as you can see, there’s a lot to get through! I’m looking forward to using my next scent but I’m not getting changing the burner until the scent from the Strawberry Kiwi crumble pot has disappeared – so it may take a while! I’m definitely set with smellies for the next few months but no doubt I’ll be revisiting Monkey Melts to pick up a few different ones when mine has gone – there were so many more I wish I’d gone for but I didn’t have a thorough look at first! I’d definitely recommend having a proper look through when you get a chance, there’s also 25% off everything until the 6th of September, so you’d better get in there quickly!

Imogen x

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


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