NYX Haul

So the NYX stand in Boots Derby finally opened! I know they’ve been online for ages, but I decided to hold off until I could go in-store and have a good browse. It was so much bigger than I expected and I must’ve spent a good hour or so in there altogether, just swatching colours and trying to figure out how much I could buy within my budget. In the end I went with 2 face products, 1 eye product and 2 lip products and I think I got a pretty good bunch!

HD Studio Finishing Powder – Translucent
I always read up on products before I buy them and this one was no exception. I read a review on this a couple of months ago now (I can’t remember where) and it’s so much better than I expected! I didn’t really get on with the Primark Loose Powder that I picked up last month so I really wanted to try this one out and oh my god, it makes my skin feel like a baby’s bum. My face feels so silky when I’ve used it and it’s doing pretty well at keeping my face matte and my oily shine at bay too! It does tend to spill quite a bit and with it being translucent I probably use more than I should (because I can’t see it) but I still love it!

Pore Filler
This one was more of my I don’t need it but I’m buying it anyway purchases because it’s another one I’d heard good things about. I was under the impression that this is a primer if I’m honest, but the consistency is a bit strange so it doesn’t feel like I’m using enough each time. But even though it isn’t what I thought it’d be, I’m still pretty impressed. I have huge pores around my nose and cheeks that you can still usually see through my primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder but this makes them instantly vanish! It was £11, which isn’t too bad but still more than I’d usually pay for something like this (I’m cheap if you hadn’t already guessed) but I do this the way this makes me face looks flawless so I think it’ll be something I continue to buy!

Hot Single Eyeshadow in Guilt Trip
I’m only just starting to play around with eyeshadows at the minute so I thought I’d pick up some nude colours. I picked up a couple of Essence singles in town but couldn’t quite find a deeper brown so of course I kept an eye out at the NYX stand! I ended up getting Guilt Trip after a lot of deliberating (how many shades of brown can you have?!) and I love it. I’d not too dark and it’s nice and pigmented. I reckon it’s a pretty good colour to start off with and for only £3.50 it’s a bargain!

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen
So if you follow me on Twitter you might’ve seen that a friend gave me a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London and I loved the formula so much that I went out and bought another! I picked up the shade Seoul because none of the pinks/nudes were screaming out at me and all the testers were mixed up, plus it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone! As lovely as this colour is, it was quite watery for some reason. I managed to nip back into town yesterday and replace it and as the second one I got was also watery I ended up going for Copenhagen instead! It’s a lovely deep red that was out of stock last week and it’s actually pretty similar to the Primark one I picked up last week (post coming soon!) just without the glitter. I reckon Copenhagen will definitely be another shade I wear a lot during autumn and winter because I love a good berry shade this time of year!

Liquid Lingerie in Exotic
This was probably the product I was least bothered about when I bought it because I was so excited to try everything else, but it’s definitely my favourite now! I love a liquid matte lipstick and this colour is to die for. It’s the perfect autumn colour for me so there’s a 90% chance I’ll be wearing it everyday (when I’m not at work)! It doesn’t quite last as long as the Kylie Lip Kits but it’s definitely up there, and it’s so much cheaper at ! Although I don’t have either of them, to me Exotic looks like a pretty good dupe for Kristen/Ginger. It’s got the red rusty/brick tone to it which looks pretty similar to me!

So there you go! I know for a fact that I’ll be visiting NYX on a monthly basis (if not more) because I’m just so in love with their products already. Plus, nothing is overly expensive so I can actually afford to pick a few things up every few weeks! Have you tried any of these products or have any NYX recommendations? I need an excuse to go and get some more already!

Imogen x



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