Heathy Hair with help from Laviish

I’ve come to realise lately that I neglect my hair way too much. I mean, I put good stuff in it (I’ll be updating my haircare routine soon) but I probably use a bit too much heat and seeing as I bleach it fairly regularly it just doesn’t seem to grow. So obviously when Laviish offered to send me some hair supplements I jumped at the chance – I was curious to see if they’d actually work!


Lets just start off by saying I’m not great with capsules. I couldn’t take any kind of tablet until I was around 14 (when the migraines started) so the capsules did freak me out a little bit and I did struggle on the odd day or two. But I know that most supplements are in capsule form and at least now I know I can take them if I need to.
So these hair supplements are meant to help with glossy, healthy hair growth and although my hair hasn’t magically gained a few inches over the last month (I was secretly hoping this would happen to be fair) I can see a difference in my hair’s quality. You need to have 2 a day with food, but I’m still not sure if you take 2 at once or twice a day (I alternated between the two) and they need to be taken every day for a month. I’ve had a lot less breakages lately and I don’t seem to be leaving the usual trail of hair everywhere I go! I always comb my conditioner through my hair too and instead of the abundance of hairs stuck in the comb that I usually get, there have only been a few strands over the last couple of weeks which is an accomplishment in itself! My hair does seem glossier too, I stopped using a ‘shine’ shampoo a couple of months ago now but my hair seems just as glossy and polished as when I was using it!

I might have cheated a little bit though (unintentionally) because I had my hair done half way through taking the supplements  but I guess the trim would have encouraged the hair to grow just that little bit more. Obviously having it cut took makes it harder to see a growth difference in the before and after photos but you can just tell that my hair is healthier – I don’t have the usually strays and frizz. I did honestly forget to take a before photo which is really crappy of me but I’ve got the next best thing, which is a photo I took the day after recently getting my hair done and a photo from the last time I had it done. You can see a difference in the thickness even though it’s styled 2 different ways because the curls are quite loose and you can tell there isn’t a whole lot there, but in the recent photo my hair looks so much thicker! Sure, I wouldn’t say I actually have thick hair, but it’s definitely the thickest it’s ever been – even after having layers cut into it!

Left: April haircut – Right: August haircut

I’m really glad these worked for me (even if it is the kind of change that you notice more when you look back at it) and I’m going to have a look at getting some more to see if I can get my hair to grow that extra little bit!

Imogen x

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


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