Budget Brushes

As my makeup collection has been growing and growing I thought it might be a good time to start looking at finally getting some new brushes! But, as much as the Spectrum Glam Clam makes me drool every time I see it, I just can’t afford that, and I know most other people can’t either. So I popped over to my favourite site ever – Amazon – and searched through a load of brush sets looking for a good bunch!

There was so much choice, and so many good reviews on so many sets but eventually I settled on a set of 20 pink and gold face and eye brushes (look how pretty!) and I picked up a toothbrush brush whilst I was at it because I was curious to see how they work. First of all, can you just see why I went for the 20 set? The colours are gorgeous and they dress up my makeup area so well! The toothbrush brush also came with a brush cleaning egg which I’ve used plenty of times since it arrived and although it’s a bit smaller than I expected it’s made cleaning my brushes so much easier!


First off, I bought the set of 20 face and eye brushes for £2.80 with free UK delivery here. They’re an absolute bargain because although they might not be the same quality as the high-end brushes, they do the job, there aren’t any strays coming off when I apply my make up and they’re soft too! I’m yet to use the precision liner brushes which won’t be for everyone because they’re a bit stiff. But personally I prefer a stiff eyeliner brush, there’s nothing worse than your brush fanning out mid-flick!

The toothbrush one was one that I knew I’d have to use a couple of times before I made my mind up, mainly because the first time I used it I hated it. Of course I wanted to be fair so I tried it again a couple of days later and now it’s my go-to on a bad skin day! It applies my foundation a bit thicker than my baby puff sponge but that’s a great thing for me because I can switch between them depending on the coverage I need that day. It seems to cover my pores pretty well (which is a big ask with these humongous pores of mines) and I’ve really grown to love it.The only draw back on these would be the handle, it’s fine as it is but when it comes to cleaning it does feel as though the handle may eventually snap. I only bought the one (with the cleaner) for a total of £3.13 here, because I didn’t want to go all out and buy a full set of branded ones just incase I didn’t get on with the style. But I’m definitely going to be buying a full set in the near future because I get on so well with them!

In the end I spent so much less than I expected to and I’m so pleased with what I got! Have you tried any of these brushes before? I’d love to know how you got on with them!

Imogen x


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