I’m all about budget beauty as you probably already guessed but when it comes to skincare I’m more likely to loosen the purse strings and splash out a little bit more. Now I’m not talking hundreds of pounds, I don’t have that, but I’m willing to spend up to around £40 given that the product is actually worth the price! A lot of the time I’ve found that some of the more pricey products aren’t really worth it – especially ones for ‘all skin types’ – I don’t trust that – so when REN offered to send me their new Flash Hydro-Boost I was a little dubious as to whether it’d actually do much.But, I’ve given it a few weeks (as I do with every skincare product) and I’m pleasantly surprised!

The Flash Hydro-Boost is an instant plumping emulsion which just simply means that it plumps your skin – preventing aging and improving any lines you may already have. If you saw my unboxing of this on Snapchat (imogenpenchants) you might remember me talking about a line I have on my forehead which has just been getting deeper by the day. Yes, I know, I’m 19 and I ‘shouldn’t be worrying about things like that‘ but do you really blame me? If I have lines now then how am I gonna look in 10 years? I’m a sucker for preparation so if I can find any way to do something now that will help my skin later then why the hell wouldn’t I?!

Anyway, I added this into my everyday skincare routine (pretty easily too) and used it twice a day as it’s to be applied after you cleanse. It’s probably one of the easiest products I’ve used because all you literally need to do is apply it to your face, wet your fingers and then just rub it in with wet hands as it’s activated with water. So easy. In the last couple of weeks I have actually noticed that the dreaded forehead line is a lot less visible to me, so it’s actually working! The best part though is definitely how your skin feels once it’s dried. It’s not tight but it feels a lot firmer and matte (if you have oily skin like me you know how good it feels to achieve a matte face) and those to me are the key things to look for in a plumping product! It also helps lock moisture into your face which I probably needed more than I realised. Having oily skin means I don’t tend to use a moisturiser in fear that it’ll just make me even oilier and shinier, so using this has helped me to preserve any moisture I’ve already got whilst keeping it matte at the same time!

I know not everyone will be willing to part with the £35 that it costs but in my eyes it’s well worth buying. It might not be the biggest product in the world (it’s not even the biggest product in my routine) but you’re only using a small amount each time so I can’t see myself running out any time soon! I can guarantee I’ll be buying more when this one’s gone though, I don’t feel like my routine would have the same effect without it anymore – there’s been the odd weekend morning that I’ve skipped skincare altogether and my skin just felt a bit dull. I would whole-heartedly suggest this to anyone looking to prevent aging or try and get rid of any existing lines.

Imogen x

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


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