Beauty on a Budget: Covershoot Cosmetics

So about a month ago now Covershoot Cosmetics contacted me to see if I wanted to give a few products a go and well, here we are. I wasn’t quite expecting so much to arrive – they did say they’d send a ‘box’ but I ended up with 5 products at my door! I have tried one of these before but I’ll get into that a little more later on, but this is definitely a super cheap brand that won’t set you back even if you’re on a budget!So altogether they sent me 2 eyeshadow palettes, a contour palette, an eyebrow kit and a nail polish remover pot – so a good mix! I’ve taken my time with testing them (sorry Covershoot) because it’s not every day I’ll do a full contoured face with eye shadow, but I’m here now so let’s get on with it!

Eyebrow Kit


This is the product that I’ve tried before as I received it in my East Mids Meetup goody bag! If I’m honest, I didn’t get around to giving it a go until this box turned up because I’m quite fussy with my brow products (Benefit have my heart) but I was pleasantly surprised by this! It comes with 3 colours, a cream primer, mini tweezers and a double ended brush – literally everything you need. The colours are Black, Brown and Beige and they’re all powders which is great because that’s what I use everyday anyway. With it being a powder it’s easier to combine the colours too and find a better match for you! I’m mainly beige with a little bit of brown thrown in there. There’s also a step-by-step guide inside too so even if you don’t know what you’re doing you have a helping hand!

Neon Eyeshadow Palette


I’m not gonna lie, this scared me when I first opened it just because of how bright it all is! It’s not very often I actually wear shadows but I gave this one a go and the colours are really growing on me. They’re not the most pigmented in the world but they definitely do the job and it might actually be a good thing that it’s not 100% true to colour because they’re not overly bright and it’s a bit more subtle!

Smokey Eye Eyeshadow Palette


This one is a lot more familiar and it’s perfect for autumn/winter! I love a good smokey eye (when I manage to get it right that is) and the grey/blue tones in this palette work really well with my eye colour so it’s a handy little palette to have over the colder seasons! The white colour in the palette is one that I’ve been using in other looks too as it can help dull a colour down a little bit (in a good way of course) so it’s coming in handy already!

Cream Contour Kit


Contouring isn’t something I’ve ever really mastered, but that’s mainly because I’ve only ever used a powder kit and it doesn’t stay too well. It’s so much easier with this cream set and I actually felt like my features were a bit more defined using this kit – although I did skip the Bronze because I’m a bit too pale for that shade! There’s also a mini guide on the inside of the kit (just like the eyebrow kit) with a few tips and examples of where to use what – perfect for beginners like me!

Twist Pot Nail Polish Remover


I’ve definitely saved the best for last here because this is my favourite of the whole lot! I know, it might seem a bit weird that this is my favourite, but I have my reasons. Firstly, I’ve never used anything like this is I’m in love with how convenient it is! It’s perfect for a quick fix and makes a last minute colour change a whole lot easier for me – I’m a bugger for painting one hand and changing my mind. That’s definitely not the best part though… it smells incredible! I was a little bit confused when I first used this because my hands smelt fruity and I couldn’t quite figure it out – who’d expect a nail polish remover to actually smell half decent?! I love this already and I’m using it all the time. I just can’t get over the smell, but although it’s tempting, I don’t recommend just sticking your nose in there!

Have you tried Covershoot Cosmetics before? I’d love to know what you think of them!


*contains gifted or PR samples but all opinions are my own*


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