A Trip to TK Maxx

There’s a pretty big perk to where I work and that’s how close I am to everything! Lunch breaks are the perfect time to sneak in a cheeky little shopping trip and last week I went a little bit further afield over to TK Maxx!It was only a quick trip (obviously) so I avoided the clothes like the plague and stuck to the beauty and homeware instead. I only really came out with 3 things in the end, but at least I didn’t spend half as much as I would have in a proper trip!

bhCosmetics Neutral Eyes Palette

I was definitely on the hunt for a palette because the urge to click checkout on 5 different baskets was overwhelming so I needed a quick fix. This was only £7.99 and it’s not a brand that I’ve tried before so with 24 colours I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try (it was definitely a cheaper alternative to my Beauty Bay basket). Plus, now that BubzBeauty’s palette has been released maybe trying out the brand first will help me decide whether to buy it or not!

Stag Tree Decorations

If you’re one of those grumpy boring ‘it’s too early for Christmas’ people then look away now. I love Christmas and I’ve been planning presents since July – yes July – so of course I was delighted to see a decoration aisle in TK Maxx! I built up quite a big collection of decorations last year (perks of moving out of your parents) that I still absolutely adore and these fit in so perfectly! There were so many gorgeous decorations and I’m actually pretty proud of myself for only coming out with these. They were £2.99 for the pack of 9 and I just can’t wait to get my tree up now!

Tonymoly Sheet Masks

These were the first things I picked up and I’m so excited to try them. I’ve had the full set sat in my Amazon basket for a while now so I jumped at the chance to pick up a couple of individual ones first so I can see if it’s worth buying the lot! They only had the Elasticity and Pore Help masks in but these are the exact ones that I needed (do I hear fate?)! They were £1.99 each which is a reasonable price to me and I can’t wait to give them a go – I’ll definitely be buying the full set if they’re any good so hopefully there’ll be a post coming soon!


7 thoughts on “A Trip to TK Maxx

  1. I purchased the Tonyoly masks too and I already tried 3 of them! They are amazing! You should definitely try the one with avocado, soooo good! 🙂


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