Intu Derby A/W Fashion Show

I’ve been a little bit off the radar over the last couple of weeks when it comes to blogging but on Saturday I was invited to the A/W fashion show in Intu Derby so of course I jumped at the chance to get out and get me in the mood for writing a bit more! I met a few other blogging gals there and we all sat in a little roped-off section at the side feeling all important and exclusive. The staff at Intu were all so chatty and lovely to us – I’m a fan of anybody willing to feed me muffins and hot chocolate – and they were sure to let us know about all of the other bits and bobs going on throughout the day!

We started off with the fashion show which consisted of 4 girls and 2 guys and I was seriously impressed. I was just expecting a run-of-the-mill up and down the catwalk kind of thing but no – they were dancing (in heels no less!). Each section of the show lasted for about 10 minutes and they showed 3 different trends of the season (Purple Rain, Animal Print & Midnight Sparkle). We stayed for 3 sections altogether which means we saw 9 outfits per model – some beautiful outfits at that! The clothes on show were gorgeous and they were all available at stores such as River Island, Oasis and Simply Be – all stores in and around Intu! I’ve definitely got my eye on a couple of pieces myself, mostly from the Midnight Sparkle collections!

There were of course a few other things running throughout the center that caught our fancy so after the show a few of us headed upstairs to the Beauty Pod and Green Screen. The girls at the beauty pod were offering free makeovers which was an amazing idea – but with all of the time I spent in the morning putting my face on I didn’t want to ruin it so I gave that a miss, but they looked like they were doing a great job! The green screen was something I hadn’t planned on doing but I got a bit swept up and joined in with the other girls – it was definitely a squeeze trying to get us all in! They had loads of cute little autumnal leaves scattered around so you could throw them up just as your photo is being taken, and the photo comes out in a magazine cover format which was a great idea to help promote the launch of the A/W clothing!

Of course I don’t go to these events for free stuff, but it’s definitely a big perk! During the first show we were offered some drinks from Pattiserie Valerie and some of BBs Cancer Reasearch muffins (how can I say no to cake with pink decorations?) We all had a little bit of a shock when the goody bags (yes, plural!) came out too as they were jam-packed full of stuff! We got one bag full of bit from the following brands: No7, The Perfume Shop, Paperchase, Patissierie Valerie, The Body Shop, Clarins, Dior & L’Oreal – all of which I absolutely love and I’ve definitely found some new favourites amongst them (particularly the Dior Lash Primer!). And if that wasn’t enough, Tiger were generous and donated a whole other bag of goodies each! We were definitely spoilt by the team at Intu and I hope I get to go to a lot more of their events in the future!

I also managed to squeeze into Lush afterwards for the launch of their Christmas Range, so keep an eye out for the post on what I picked up soon!


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