Primark Beauty

Everyone loves Primark (if you say you don’t then you’re probably in denial), and what’s better than your favourite budget store coming out with a beauty range?

Matte Liquid Lipsticks
I was actually quite excited to try these out because they’re only £2 and I love a good bargain, so of course I made a B-line to the beauty section when I found out they were in store. I didn’t get all of these colours at once (it took 3 separate trips actually) beause the stock was so low each time I went but it was always 01 that I was after, the other 2 I picked up just because I wanted to try a new colour!

01 – I saw this one so long ago now on the Primark snapchat when they first came out with the range and I wanted it immeadiately. It looked to me like a pale pink/nude that’d be great for everyday on pale skin tones – I was wrong. It was so much pinker than I thought it’d be when I tried it on, almost like a Barbie pink and I just can’t get away with that kind of colour.
04 – This was definitely a ‘I’m not leaving without buying at least one colour’ situation and 04 is the colour that stood out to me most (the other option was Kiki, the deepest purple I’ve ever seen). I wasn’t expecting to love it as it’s a deep but bright red – something I wouldn’t usually go for because my skin tone means anything too bright just looks odd – and I’m definitely not much of a fan of this shade. It also has quite a bit of glitter in it and to me that’s a bit strange – is it normal to have glitter in a matte liquid lipstick? Either way, this isn’t something I’ll be wearing often (if at all) because I definitely prefer my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen (a deep red but glitter-free!).
Kendall – This is a weird one if I’m honest, it’s a pink/mauvey purple and to me, looked like a colour that would be good as a weekend colour in autumn/winter. It almost looked grey when I first tried it on, but I’ve given it a go and experimented with it a bit and it definitely looks better with a full face of makeup (as opposed to my post-shopping red face)!

Overall, I’m not overly impressed with the colours of these – and they definitely need testers available in store! Maybe they’d work better on someone with a bit of colour to their face, but with how bright a few of them are, they clearly aren’t for us fairer folk. They do seem quite durable to me so far though, don’t get me wrong they’re no Kylie formula, but they stay for a while and don’t transfer too much when eating/drinking! These were £2 each so well worth giving a try (if they ever have the colours you want in stock that is)!


Loose Face Powder
This was one that I picked up a couple of months ago now because I wanted to give baking a try and this was only £2 – so I thought why not? I don’t really have a ton to say about this product except that it does the job. That’s it. It’s not great, but it kept my makeup in place fairly well. I didn’t love the fact that it had a colour it because there were of course a few day where I felt particularly shiny and piled a bit more on – cue blotchy uneven colour. I recently picked up the NYX translucent finishing powder as a replacement and I would 100% spending the extra £6 on that instead because it keeps my face matte all day long and stops me from getting the 2 marks on my nose from my glasses (a problem I had every day with the Primark powder)!

Highlighter Palette
This is my most recent buy of the lot and I just couldn’t help myself – it was too pretty to just walk away. It has three different highlighters in the set that look great for different skin tones (I clearly stuck to ) and came in the prettiest reflective packaging. I loved it for a couple of days, but as days went by I found myself putting my trusty Goddess of Faith on over the top of it. Not necessarily because it wasn’t doing the job (it was) I just love a bold glow. It’s great for people that want a subtle glow because it’s enough to catch the light, it’s just a shame I’m not one of those people.

Altogether, Primark beauty isn’t the best range I’ve ever tried but if you’re on a budget and you’re craving new products they’re worth trying out! Have you tried any of the Primark Beauty range or have any suggestions?


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