Threads Lashes

As I wear quite a lot of makeup day to day (not as in caked, just quite a few products) I’m slowly running out of bits to add for a ‘dressier’ look. I love to go out for a meal every so often and dress up a little bit because I don’t really enjoy going out into town at weekend, so when I do the only thing I can really add to the routine is a little bit more eye makeup – lashes being my favourite part!

I don’t wear lashes every day, purely because I don’t have the patience at 6 in the morning, so wearing them always feels that little bit more special! I’ve found a lot of lashes I’ve tried to be quite heavy – something you definitely don’t want if you’re drinking too, you can look a bit more smashed than you actually are – so lightweight lashes are key for me. Of course style plays a part too, but what’s the point in having nice lashes if you can’t see through them all night? That’s where Threads come in, they kindly let me pick 2 sets to try out and I went for Celestial and Rock Chic. I think I went for those 2 because the Celestial ones are nice and full whilst the Rock Chic are quite long and delicate – and I absolutely love them both! They come with adhesive included which is always handy and they’re super light and delicate. It took me a couple of minutes to pull them off of the container because I was terrified of breaking them, but I think I was just being paranoid because they came off fine (when I plucked up the courage)!

I gave them a good run a kept them on all day (at the weekend of course) because I wasn’t going out anywhere and although I may have looked odd wearing just lashes and nothing else – hence no ‘on’ photos yet – I loved how they felt. They’re so light I almost forgot they were there a few times and went to rub my eyes, – they even stayed put after rubbing them a couple of times! Of course they don’t stay forever, but they lasted for majority of the day before the edges started coming off so I’m pretty chuffed with them!

I can’t wait to wear these for my birthday this weekend and I’ll definitely be showing you guys on Twitter and Snapchat (imogenpenchants) just how beautiful they are on!


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