Lush Christmas Range

It’s not Christmas until Lush come out with their Christmas products, period. I usually wait to start getting Christmassy until after my birthday but that kind of went to pot this year and seeing as I don’t have to sort anything for my birthday, Christmas is my main focus! With Lush’s range coming out the same day that I was at the Intu fashion show, there was no way I wasn’t making a stop to fill my basket – and that I did. I wandered around for a while with a massive basket trying to fight through the crowds, just throwing stuff in (not literally) without checking the prices – I would never recommend this but I actually did pretty well in the end. I picked up 4 Christmas products in the end and they’re all different types so I picked a decent range. I’m definitely going back again on payday though because I made the mistake of looking on the website and finding a load more stuff that I need – so expect another part to this post in a couple of weeks!

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly
This is a new product this year and I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve always loved the shower jellies beacuse they lather well and last ages – I usually go for Sweetie Pie – but this is basically So White in jelly form so it couldn’t get any better. Plus, look at all the glitter! I’m sure we’ve established by now that I’m a glitter lover and the gold glitter in this jelly just makes me feel so Christmassy!

So White Bath Bomb
Favourite. Product. Ever. I discovered this a few of Christmases ago now and it’s my all time favourite bath bomb ever in the whole world. It’s main scent in apple (I love a good fruity smell) but it somehow smells Christmassy at the same time? They actually came out with a shower gel of this two years ago too and for some reason aren’t doing it this time around, but I’m more than happy with the Santa’s Belly shower jelly as a substitute! I 100% need to stock up on So White this year because for some reason I didn’t last time and I’ve been without for so long now. If you only get one product from the Lush Christmas range, it has to be this!

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub
Oh I do love a good lip scrub, and as I mentioned in my lip care post, I’ve been due a new one for a while now! The one I’ve been using lately is actually from last year’s Christmas range so it only seemed fitting to pick another one up! I went for Sugar Plum Fairy because it’s just so sweet (obviously, it’s mainly sugar). I can’t quite put my finger on the scent and taste of it – it reminds me of something but I don’t know what – but it’s to die for! The lilac colour just makes it so much better too, so cute!

Reindeer and Robin FUN
In all honesty I picked this up for the colours and the fact it’s meant to smell like cola (I’m an avid lover of fizzy drinks). I’ve never tried any of the FUN range before but it’s been out for so long I figured it’s about time I gave it a go! I had no idea what it was actually for until I looked on the website either and I am mind-blown. Like, you make figures with it and then wash yourself?! I’m so excited to give this a go and if I make anything worth seeing I’ll definitely be showing you guys on Snapchat (imogenpenchants)!

Granted, I’ve only used the lip scrub so far, but I’m so chuffed with what I picked up. I’m not going to rush into using everything – I think I might wait until mid-November when everyone around me is just as excited for Christmas (well they’d better be anyway). They’re going to be perfect for topping up my Christmas cheer!

Have you picked any of the Lush Christmas stuff up yet?


13 thoughts on “Lush Christmas Range

  1. amazing pictures, love them! i love the snow white bath bomb, but is it just or is it different this year with the added green leaf at the top? i always remember it as completely white, unless I’m going mad haha xx


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