Johnny Loves Rosie Halloween Wishlist

I’ve never really been one for Halloween – it’s only ever been a benchmark between my birthday and Christmas – but since I started getting into beauty a bit more I figured it’s the perfect opportunity to try out a few different looks! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going all out as characters or any variation of undead (although my mum is insisting otherwise), that’s not the kind of thing I’m into. It’s a good excuse to go for colours and tones in my makeup that I wouldn’t usually go for year-round, because Halloween is a good excuse to step outside of the box a little bit! That being said, you have to be pretty damn talented to only use makeup to dress up for Halloween, and that’s where Johnny Loves Rosie come in!

They invited me to create my own Halloween Wishlist with some of their products and here we are! Granted, I have gone for a couple of things that aren’t just for Halloween, but you’ll see why in a second. These accessories are all bits that I feel will spruce up my Halloween a bit, and give my looks that extra something about them!
Moonshine Necklace

Let’s be real here, with Halloween falling on a Monday this year, I’m not going to be going all-out with a full face during the day. This dainty little moon necklace is a perfect accessory for just day-to-day wear really (I mean have you seen how cute it is?)  but the connotations will definitely make me feel a little bit more Halloweeny (lol). Plus, the little card that it came on is just too cute. It was too pretty to throw away so this little card has taken it’s place on my wall with a couple of prints – I’m not some sort of crazy cat lady, I swear.

Bunny Ear Headband

This is probably the only one I’d class as a proper Halloween item because you don’t exactly see people walking around with bunny ears on a daily basis. I absolutely adore these and like I said, I’m not going all out with a costume, but these give me an excuse to go all out with pinks, purples and all of the cute colours that I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable wearing. They’re probably the cutest accessory I own right now, so if you do live somewhere that it’s acceptable to wear these everyday, let me know because I’m heading your way.

Berry PU Tie-Up Choker

I’m not one for chokers, I’ve never really seen the appeal and always thought it might make me feel a bit claustrophobic but seeing as this was recommended to me, I figured why not. I honestly don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life, why didn’t I try this out sooner? This is probably my favourite of the lot now because when I’m wearing it I feel fierce. It’s perfect for more of a vampy look and I’m trying out a few different looks at the minute because I’m dying for an excuse to wear it for a Halloween party this weekend!

So there you go, these are the perfect Halloween accessories for me! A mixture of cute and vampy and a few different options for both the party I’m going to this weekend and for during the day whilst I’m at work!


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