Lottery Win Wishlist

A girl can dream eh? I’m fairly certain everyone would love a lottery win (if you don’t then feel free to send some money my way) but not everyone would know what to do with the money – me included. Of course I’d buy the generic stuff but I’ve never really sat down and thought about it. So, after a bit of a think, here we are!

Boy do I need a holiday. I’ve not been away since August 2015 and believe me, I’m feeling it. There’s nothing I’d love more than to just be lounging poolside right now, instead of sitting at my desk getting on with work I really don’t want to be doing. I don’t know where I’d go (maybe the Bahamas just for the pink sand beaches), but as long as there’s a pool, some sun and plenty of Pornstar Martinis, I’m there.


Another generic one but a house would be pretty high on my list of priorities. Rent had been the bane of my life for last last couple of years so having a house with no mortgage is the dream. Nothing too fancy of course (imagine the council tax) but I might need a pool to make me feel like I’m on holiday all year.

If you saw me on a daily basis you’d really understand this one, I have a very limited wardrobe. I’m not saying if I won the lottery I’d go all out and start buying Chanel handbags and Givenchy dresses, but a wardrobe refresh is so overdue and I just don’t have the funds right now.


This might sound really stupid, but if I won the lottery I’d definitely dye my hair a few funky colours. I’d never stray from my hairdresser (love you Ben) but I’d definitely be a bit more adventurous. I mean, right now I’m too terrified to use chalk spray on my hair just incase it stains and I can’t afford to get it fixed (sad right?). So yeah, pink, blue, purple you name it – if I win the lottery, my hair won’t be the same colour for long.

Beauty Products
Makeup. All of the makeup. Do you know how hard it is seeing all of these amazing brands come out with new palettes and products but being on too strict of a budget to buy them? I can basically hear all of your hearts breaking for me. I have no doubt in my mind that if I won the lottery I’d be raiding every brand imaginable (Kylie Cosmetics I’m coming for you) and of course I’d need a beauty room in my house to store it all – it’s the only logical thing to do after all!


But whats the point in wishing for all of this if you’re not going to actually play? The Irish Lotto, Euromillions and Powerball are of course the best places the play. I’m sure everyone has heard of the Euromillions at some point (unless you’re living under a rock) and you’ve probably heard of the Irish Lottery too. Powerball is an American lottery so less likely, but they’re all available to play on Lottoland along with hundreds of other lotteries from various countries and it’s super easy to play! I definitely need to get my arse in gear and get playing because I can hear that home pool calling my name.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

*This post is sponsored by Lottoland but all opinions are my own*


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