Why 2016 Will Be Hard to Beat

I’m seeing a lot of people online saying that they can’t wait for 2016 to be over and I totally get why. With all of these iconic celebrities dying and Trump beating Hillary to the White House, it’s been a pretty depressing year for most, but for me it’s been a pretty great year. I know I’ve fallen off the face of the earth slightly when it comes to maintaining my blog but I feel like it’s done me good. I was so determined to stick to a schedule and plan posts months in advance that I’d just end up beating myself up about it when I didn’t get it done. I’m taking my time in coming back and I’m just going to wait until the motivation hits again (so if you don’t see anything of me that why) but let’s get back to 2016 – It’s been quite the all-rounder!

Driving Test

So back on the 4th of March (after 2 other tries but let’s not go there) I finally passed my driving test! It was a massive relief and it’s made me so much more independent now that I’m not relying on other people to get where I need to be! I didn’t have the struggle of saving for a car either as Ashley had already bought me a Ford Ka for Christmas last year, so as soon as I got back from my test and calmed down a bit I jumped in the car and went into town. Of course I lived my car, but when it came to October it was pretty much on its last legs and I took the plunge and went for a Vauxhall Adam – I’m still in love with it!

A Wedding

In April (I think it was) my mum asked me to go with her to her cousins wedding over in Dublin and I jumped at the chance! The last time I went over was in 2009 so it was lovely go over and see everyone again.

Seeing Chris Brown

This is pretty high on my best bits of 2016 if I’m honest. I’ve listened to Chris Brown for years now along with the rest of my family. But although we had gone to see him in 2009 I couldn’t remember a whole lot of it, so when it came up that he would be in Dublin in June, my mum, sister and I hopped on a plane just to go and see him again! It was amazing to hear him sing some of my all time favourite songs again and I’ll definitely remember this one for a long time!

A Christening

It was such a stroke of luck that a family Christening (again, in Dublin) fell a couple of days after seeing Chris Brown! Of course we stayed the extra couple of days and we had a lovely time at the christening!

Becoming an Aunty (kind of)

So in October Ashley’s sister had a baby and for the first time in 4 years I’m actually considered an Aunty! Rogan is absolutely gorgeous but as cute as he is I’m not broody in the slightest (no way is that happening right now) haha!

Getting Engaged!

On the 23rd of December – one day before our 4th anniversary and after nearly 3 years of living together – Ashley got down on one knee and proposed! Of course I said yes (lucky him) and I’m absolutely over the moon! It didn’t go as he had planned at all, and I knew it was coming the whole time but I guess that’s just the way our relationship works! It was a great start to the Christmas weekend and I’m still not over just how shiny the ring is, now it’s just all the stress of planning when we finally get around to it!
Of course, this year hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows everyday, especially losing a school friend a few months in but for all of its ups and downs it’ll be a hard year to beat!


2 thoughts on “Why 2016 Will Be Hard to Beat

  1. Omg girl! Congratulations on your engagement and all the wonderful things you have done in 2016! I’m glad it was a great year for you! Wow, I wondered where you got to? Now I know, busy getting engaged in see! I love this post and everything about it. Happy new year – you are going to have a good one


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