ABH x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

It’s been a while since I last wrote a beauty post but when I decided I wanted to write one it didn’t really take much time to decide on what I wanted to write about! About a month ago now I finally got my hand on the ABH x Nicole Guerriero glow kit and I hadn’t been this excited since I got my first Kylie Lip Kit!

I’d never had a glow kit before because I couldn’t make my mind up on which one I wanted – Moonchild is perfect for the paler ones among us but the shades in Sweets are just so beautiful. So when I saw a new glow kit with 6 shades that was a bit bigger than the rest, I had to have it. Of course the shades were a massive selling point too – there’s such a good range and some shades I don’t have anything similar to in my collection, definitely a no-brainer. I gave myself a good month or so anyway to make sure I 100% wanted it (I tend to impulse buy and never use things again) but I’m getting so much use out of this.

Kitty Kat is a rose with a platinum reflect, Forever Young is a pink pearl with a silver reflect, Daydream is a coral with a white gold reflect, Forever Lit is a platinum with a lavender reflect (perfect for the brow bone and inner eye), Glo Getter is a champagne with a rose reflect and 143 is a rose gold with a bronze reflect.

​You can combine colours, add them into your eye look for a blinding shimmer or just use one shade all over. You can do so much with it. The glow is really buildable so if you want a subtle barely-there feel you just use a light hand. But if you’re like me, wanting to blind strangers with your highlight then you can just go for it, combining shades gives you an amazing highlight. I’ve used it pretty much everyday for the last month and it’s barely even touched the surface so if you’re hesitant because of the price tag – it’s more than worth the money!

Have you tried any of the ABH Glow Kits? Which one should I get next?!


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