Jeffree Star Cosmetics – First Impressions

I might be a little bit obsessed with Manny MUA at the minute, so when he and Jeffree Star announced their collaboration I knew I needed something from it. The collaboration is an icy peach Skin Frost called Eclipse and two velour liquid lipsticks called I’m Shook and Daddy. You can get the whole lot in a bundle to save some money or buy each separately, so there was a lot of deciding to do!

Because I’d only just got my ABH Glow Kit, I wasn’t too keen on buying another highlighter so that was Eclipse off the table. And as much as I love I’m Shook, I know for a fact it just wouldn’t suit me and it’d be a bit too bright against my skin tone, so I decided on Daddy. Of course, product launches are never around payday, which meant I was broke  by the time everything came out so I had to give it some thought and figure out if I wanted to eat that week or buy a new lipstick, meaning I completely missed the first lot on Beauty Bay. I was so gutted when I realised that I bought one of Jeffree’s regular shades in Celebrity Skin to make myself feel a little bit better anyway (that’s just the way my logic works).

So, fast forward a day or two and Celebrity Skin arrives at my door. I wasn’t overly excited about it at first if I’m honest because it wasn’t what I initially wanted, but I tried it regardless and I’m now obsessed! It’s described as a ‘soft brown peachy nude’ and it’s the perfect nude for me. I’m literally wearing this every week day to work because it just goes with everything! I would never have thought I’d need a peachy nude – but here we are! And of course, as soon as I fall in love with Celebrity Skin, the collab is restocked so I had to get my hands on Daddy! Daddy isn’t too far from Celebrity Skin but it’s also nowhere near the same (if that makes sense). Daddy is a ‘cool toned brown’ and whenever I wear it I feel like I’ve stepped straight out of the 90s (especially when I pair it with space buns and a choker) and I’m loving the 90s vibe at the minute!

Overall, I’ve definitely fallen in love with the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks. The formula is long lasting, transfer proof and super super super light weight – you can’t feel it on your lips at all and it dries down without drying out your lips. I’m so excited to start up a collection and you’re sure to see my opinion on other colours in the future!

Have you tried any of Jeffree Star’s makeup yet? I’m on the hunt for my next shade!


2 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Cosmetics – First Impressions

  1. I’ve been dying to try out Jeffree Star Cosmetics for quite some time now! I have only heard great things about the velour liquid lipsticks. The shade in Celebrity Skin looks absolutely beautiful!!!! I will definitely add this shade to my to-buy list!

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