Etsy Spotlight – Abbie Imagine

I said it before in my Etsy Buys post and this next seller is a perfect way to back it up – Etsy is 100% the place to go for cards. This week’s seller is AbbieImagine and she sells the most amazing cards and prints! Everything available is hand-designed by Abbie herself, and every poster is printed to order.  Continue reading “Etsy Spotlight – Abbie Imagine”


Etsy Spotlight – BeFave

It’s wednesday again already (?!) which means we’re on to the third seller of the Etsy Spotlight series! This week is definitely one of my favourites because it’s focused on more home decor & accessories and it’s a cute little shop called BeFave!  Continue reading “Etsy Spotlight – BeFave”

Etsy Spotlight – Sassie & Boo

Time for the second installment of the Etsy Spotlight series and this week’s shop is Sassie & Boo! Last week’s post with WitchwoodRemedies had a great reception (you can read it here) and I hope you guys love this one just as much as I do!

Sassie & Boo is run by a lovely lady named Keeley and she sells a selection of lip balms, face balms and candles. Each product is handmade by Keeley herself after a hard day’s work! Continue reading “Etsy Spotlight – Sassie & Boo”

Etsy Spotlight – WitchwoodRemedies


So if you’re following me on Twitter/Snapchat you’ll know that I’m starting an Etsy series! My recent Etsy Buys post seemed to be quite popular, so I thought it’d be a great idea to feature a different seller each week and show you all how great handmade products can really be! I’ve tried my best to find a good range of products (candles, body care, illustrations etc) so I’m not writing about that same kind of things each time and I’ll be featuring a different seller every week. I have spoken to each seller involved myself, and they are some very lovely, helpful people with heaps of talent!  Continue reading “Etsy Spotlight – WitchwoodRemedies”